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Kenya History Timeline

1900s continued
  • (1994) Jaramogi Oginga Odinga died
  • (1995) Richard Leakey formed the new opposition party, Safina
  • (1997) Widespread demonstrations called for democratic reform
  • (1997) Moi is re-elected
  • (1998) The US embassy in Nairobi is bombed by Al-Qaeda operatives, 224 are killed and thousands more are injured
  • (1999) Leaky is appointed by Moi to head the government drive against corruption
  • (2001) Leaky charged with abuse of power and perverting the course of justice
  • (2001) Parliament passed a law to allow for the importation and manufacturing of cheap copies of anti-Aids drugs
  • (2001) Ethnic tensions culminated into several violet clashes
  • (2002) Nearly 200 Maasai and Samburu tribes people are compensated more than $7 million from the British Ministry of Defense for explosives left behind by the British Army
  • (2002) An Israeli-owned hotel near Mombasa is attacked by Al-Qaeda
  • (2002) Mwai Kibaki won landslide victory ending Moi's 24-year long rule and KANU's four decades in power
  • (2003) Moi is granted immunity from corruption charges
  • (2004) A new constitution is drafted
  • (2004) A food crisis is caused by crop failure and drought prompting Kibaki to launch a UN aid appeal for rural Kenyans
  • (2004) Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai won the Nobel Peace Prize
  • (2005) More than 40 people are left dead following a clash over land and water rights
  • (2005) Violent protests over aspects of the constitutional draft erupted in Nairobi; the proposed new constitution is rejected by voters
  • (2006) Some 35,000 Somalis escaping the drought, Islamist rule, and looming conflict sought refuge in Kenyan camps
  • (2006) Regional flooding rendered thousands homeless and stranded nearly 100,000 Somali refugees
  • (2007) Presidential elections are disputed, leading to violence and the deaths of more than 1,500 citizens
  • (2010) A new constitution designed to limit presidential powers and delegate power to the regions is approved
  • (2011) East Africa experienced Worst drought in 60 years
  • (2011) Kenyan troops entered Somalia and attacked rebels accused of being behind several kidnappings of foreigners on Kenyan soil
  • (2012) Oil is discovered in Kenya
  • (2012) Widespread clashes and riots are sparked across Kenya for various reasons
  • (2013) Uhuru Kenyatta is elected president
  • (2014) Widespread attacks erupted, blamed on Somali al-Shabab militants; 48 people are left dead following Islamist militant attacks on hotels and a police station in Mpeketoni (June 2014)

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