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Famous Gabonese

Gabon's Information

Flag of Gabon
Land Area 257,667 km2
Water Area 10,000 km2
Total Area 267,667km2 (#76)
Population 1,738,541 (#152)
Population Density 6.75/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $35.98 Billion
GDP Per Capita $19,300
Currency Franc (XAF)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Paul Mba Abessole politician
  • Jean-Baptiste Nguema Abessolo educator, writer
  • Jean-Jerome Adam archbishop, linguist
  • Jacques Adiahenot politician
  • Jean-Marie Adze politician, diplomat
  • Pierre-Claver Akendengue musician, composer
  • Leonard Andjembe politician, professor
  • Andre Gustave Anguile politician, diplomat
  • Jean-Boniface Assele politician
  • Jean-Hilaire Aubame politician, activist
  • Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang footballer
  • Lionel Baguissi taekwondo practitioner
  • Andre Dieudonne Berre politician
  • Paul Bie-Eyene ambassador
  • Louis-Emile Bigmann politician
  • Wilfried Bingangoye athlete
  • Alain Bernard Bongo president
  • Edith Lucie Bongo former first lady
  • Martin Bongo politician, diplomat
  • Pascaline Mferri Bongo politician
  • Paul Boundoukou-Latha politician, diplomat, author
  • Jules-Aristide Bourdes-Ogouliguende politician
  • Georges Rawiri politician, poet
  • Antooine Boussombo sprinter
C - D
  • Rene Radembino Coniquet politician
  • Patience Dabany singer, musician, former first lady
  • Georges Aleka Damas composer of national anthem
  • Anselme Delicat football manager, coach
  • Muller Dinda footballer
  • Jean-Fidele Diramba football referee
  • Emile Doumba politician
E - I
  • Remy Ebanega footballer
  • Pierre-Claver Zeng Ebome politician, musician
  • Roger Mengue Mi Ekomie politician, agronomist
  • Jean-Francois Ntoutoume Emane former prime minister
  • Basile Mve Engone archbishop
  • Franck Engonga footballer
  • Laure Olga Gondjout politician
  • Paul Marie Indjendjet Gondjout politician, civil servant
  • Sandrine Ilendou judoka
  • Franck Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet diplomat, politician
  • Imunga Ivanga filmmaker, writer

K - L

  • Georgette Koko politician
  • Pierre-Andre Kombila politician, professor, physician
  • Adjane Audrey Koumba judoka
  • Stephane Lasme basketball player
  • Romeo Braexir Lemboumba boxer
  • Blaise Louembe politician
  • Rolly Lumbala football player


  • Levy Madinda footballer
  • Pierre Mamboundou politician
  • Bruno Ecuele Manga footballer
  • Louis-Gaston Mayila politician
  • Gabriel Leon M'ba former prime minister, former president
  • Paul Biyoghe Mba former prime minister
  • Stephane N'Zue Mba boxer
  • Samson Mbingui footballer
  • Claude Albert Mbourounot football manager
  • Leon Mebiame former prime minister
  • Vincent Essone Mengue politician
  • Edna Merey-Apinda writer
  • Emmanuel Ondo Methogo politician
  • Axel Meye footballer
  • Anthony Mfa Mezui footballer
  • Junior Mikamou boxer
  • Paulette Ruddy Zang Milama track and field sprinter
  • Jean-Baptiste Mintsa-Mi-Mba politician
  • Yannick Mitoumba boxer
  • Antoine Mboumbou Miyakou politician
  • Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou politician
  • Charly Moussono footballer
  • Victor Muzadi basketball player
  • Zacharie Myboto politician

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