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Famous Eritreans

Eritrea's Information

Flag of Eritrea
Land Area 101,000 km2
Water Area 16,600 km2
Total Area 117,600km2 (#99)
Population 5,869,869 (#112)
Population Density 58.12/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $9.17 Billion
GDP Per Capita $1,300
Currency Nakfa (ERN)
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.


  • Haregot Abbai politician
  • Ali Abdalla long-distance runner
  • Ali Said Abdella rebel commander, politician, diplomat
  • Hamid Barole Abdu writer
  • Jemal Abdu footballer
  • Solomon Abera journalist, press freedom advocate
  • Ogbe Abraha politician
  • Ruth Abraha singer
  • Berhane Abrehe economist, politician
  • Sulaiman Addonia author
  • Michael Adonai visual artist
  • Abel Aferworki footballer
  • Abraham Afewerki singer, songwriter, producer
  • Isaias Afewerki president
  • Ali Abdu Ahmed politician
  • Alamin Usman Alamin mufti
  • Ibrahim Sultan Ali politician
  • Fikrejesus Amahazion footballer
  • Isaias Andberhian footballer
  • Zeudi Araya actress, film producer
  • Teklay Minassie Asgedom diplomat, ambassador
  • Girma Asmerom politician, ambassador
  • Yared Asmerom long-distance runner
  • Hamid Idris Awate independence leader, creator of Eritrea Liberation Army
  • Alemayo Ayele footballer
B - D
  • Ahmed Baduri ambassador
  • Meraf Bahta runner
  • Tedla Bairu politician
  • Yemane Baria songwriter, composer, singer
  • Arefaine Berhe politician
  • Zeudi Araya Cristaldi actress
  • Haile Debas physician, academic administrator
  • Zerai Deres folk hero
  • Araya Desta diplomat, ambassador
E - F
  • Sebhat Ephrem politician
  • Dehad Faytinga singer, musician
  • Aster Fissehatsion politician
  • Abraha Francois bishop
  • Woldai Futurpolitician, economist
  • Tesfaye Gebreab diplomat
  • Yemane Gebreab head of political affairs
  • Samuel Ghebrehiwet footballer
  • Ghirmai Ghebremariam ambassador
  • Woldemichael Ghebremariam politician
  • Nevi Ghebremeskez footballer
  • Beraki Ghebreselassie politician, diplomat
  • Tesfai Ghebreselassie politician
  • Tesfai Ghirmazion politician
  • Remo Girone actor
  • Testfaldet Goitom footballer
  • Nebiat Habtemariam long-distance runner
  • Bahta Hagos leader of resistance to foreign domination
  • Mesfin Hagos founding member Eritrea People's Liberation Front
  • Abeba Haile singer
  • Fozia Hashim judge
  • Umar Hassan commander Operation Zone 3
  • Hamid Himid politician
I - K
  • Dawit Isaak playwright, journalist, writer
  • Abdalla Jabir head of Organizational Affairs of the People's Front
  • Abdulkadir Kebire martyr
  • Meb Keflezighi Olympic medalist, marathoner
  • Saleh Idris Kekya politician, diplomat
  • Abraham Kidane politician, economic advisor
  • Tekle Kiflay general, commander Operation Zone
  • Yonas Kifle runner
  • Samson Kiflemariam long-distance runner


  • Teklemariam Medhin long-distance runner
  • Senait Ghebrehiwet Mehari singer
  • Saleh Meki politician
  • Helen Meles singer, actress, musician
  • Bereket Mengisteab songwriter, composer, musician, singer
  • Askalu Menkerios politician
  • Haile Menkerios diplomat
  • Tesfayohannes Mesfen runner
  • Yegizaw Michael artist
  • Osman Saleh Mohammed politician
  • Ibrahim Mukhtar mufti
N - R
  • Germano Nati politician
  • Mohammed Saeed Nawd writer, politician
  • Amna Nurhusein politician
  • Mohamed Omer politician
  • Hannah Pool writer, journalist
  • Semere Russom diplomat
  • Haile Samuel commander Operation Zone 4
  • Berehet Selassie scholar
  • Mahmoud Ahmed Sherifo diplomat, member Eritrea Liberation Army
  • Yinekachew Shimangus footballer
  • Ruth Simon journalist
  • Petros Solomon politician
  • Simret Sultan long-distance runner
  • Zersenay Tadese Olympic medalist, long-distance runner
  • Kidane Tadesse long-distance runner
  • Abraham Tedros footballer
  • Daniel Teklehaymanot cyclist
  • Gergis Teklemichael politician
  • Herman Teklerb footballer
  • Paulos Tesfagiorgis human rights activist
  • Menghesteab Tesfamariam Roman Catholic bishop
  • Srafel Tesfamichael footballer
  • Worku Tesfamichael politician
  • Tekle Tesfazghi musician
  • Yohannes Tilahun footballer
  • Samuel Tsegay long-distance runner
  • Seyoum Tsehaye journalist
  • Filmon Tseqay footballer
W - Z
  • Hais Welday runner
  • Ermias Wolday footballer
  • Woldeab Woldemariam "Father of Eritrea"
  • Haile Woldense politician
  • Filipos Woldeyohannes commander Operation Zone 2
  • Fesshaye Yohannes journalist
  • Zekarias Yohannes Roman Catholic bishop
  • Ghebreselassie Yoseph politician
  • Furtuna Zegergish runner

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

Eritrea Trivia

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Eritrea?

The Biher-Tigrinya people are the largest ethnic group in Eritrea today, followed by the related Tigre people.

Major Ethnic Groups Of Eritrea

What is the highest mountain in Eritrea?

Dega Mountain has the highest peak in Eritrea. It reaches 9,997 feet above sea level.

The Highest Mountains in Eritrea

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