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Famous Egyptians

People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

H continued

  • Mahmoud Hassan Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Ahmed Hassanein explorer, diplomat, politician
  • Hatchepsut pharaoh
  • Abd El Aziz Muhammad Hegazi former prime minister
  • Tarek Heggy writer
  • Ahmed Helmy actor, comedian
  • Hemiunu architect, priest, vizier
  • Hassan Heshmat sculptor
  • Ahmed Abdel Muti Hijazi poet
  • Soad Hosny actress
  • Tamer Hosny singer, composer
  • Taha Hussein writer
I - K
  • Hassan Ibrahim military officer, founder free officers movement
  • Ineni architect
  • Salah Jahin poet, lyricist, playwright, cartoonist
  • Ezzat el Kamhawi novelist, journalist
  • Maged El Kedwany actor
  • Kamel Keilany writer
  • Khakheperresenb scribe, writer
  • Amr Khaled television preacher
  • Mustafa Khalil former prime minister
  • Khaled Al Khamissi novelist, writer, producer, director
  • Arif Khudairi poet, novelist, folklorist, translator
L - M
  • Yosra El Lozy actress
  • Nadia Lutfi actress
  • Abdel Moneim Madbouly actor, comedian, playwright
  • Christopher Maher chef, actor
  • Naguib Mahfouz Nobel laureate
  • Ali Lutfi Mahmud former prime minister
  • Manetho historian, priest
  • Mahmoud Mekki vice-president
  • Mahmoud el Meliguy actor, screenwriter
  • Hesham Mesbah Olympic medalist, judoka
  • Michael Mina chef
  • Ferdoos Mohammed actress
  • Ahmad Fuad Mohieddin former prime minister
  • Zakaria Mohieddin former prime minister
  • Mahmoud Mokhtar sculptor
  • Mohamed Morsi president
  • Leila Mourad actress, singer
  • Salama Moussa journalist
  • Ibrahim Moustafa Olympic medalist, wrestler
  • Hosni Mubarak military commander, former vice-president, former president
  • Suzanne Mubarak former first lady
N - O
  • Ibrahim Nagi poet
  • Muhammad Naguib former president
  • Narmer pharaoh
  • Suad Nasr actress
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser former president
  • Ahmed Nazif former prime minister
  • Nefertiti political leader, former queen
  • Ahmed Fouad Negm poet
  • El Sayed Nosseir Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Ibrahim Orabi Olympic medalist, wrestler
  • Abdel Fattah Yahya Pasha former prime minister
  • Abdel Khaliq Sarwat Pasha former prime minister
  • Adli Yakan Pasha former prime minister
  • Ahmad Aiwar Pasha former prime minister
  • Ahmad Mahir Pasha former prime minister
  • Ali Mahir Pasha former prime minister
  • Hassan Sabry Pasha former prime minister
  • Hussein Rushdi Pasha former prime minister
  • Hussein Sirri Pasha former prime minister
  • Isma'il Pasha former Khedive
  • Mahmoud an-Nukrashi Pasha former prime minister
  • Muhammad Mahmoud Pasha former prime minister
  • Muhammad Said Pasha former prime minister
  • Muhammad Tawfiq Nasim Pasha former prime minister
  • Mustafa Kamil Pasha lawyer, journalist, nationalist activist
Q - R
  • Hesham Qandil prime minister
  • Ramesses II pharaoh
  • Ahmed Rami poet, songwriter, translator
  • Ahmed Ramzy actor
  • Gehan Rateb actress, singer, composer
  • Amina Rizk actress
  • Hind Rostom actress
  • Zaki Rostom actor
  • Seti I pharaoh
  • Amr Shabana squash player
  • Ahmed Zaki Abu Shadi poet, publisher, physician
  • Hussein el-Shafei former vice-president
  • Mahmoud Shaker commander Egyptian air force
  • Mahmoud Mahamed Shaker writer, poet, journalist, scholar
  • Ibrahim Shams Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Essam Sharaf former prime minister
  • Omar Sharif actor
  • Farid Shawki actor, screenwriter, producer
  • Ahmed Shawqi poet, playwright
  • George Sidhom comedian
  • Farid Simaika Olympic medalist, diver
  • Mohamed Sobhi actor
  • Saleh Soliman Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • Omar Suleiman former vice-president
T - W
  • Sufi Abu Taleb former acting president
  • Mohamed Hussein Tantawi politician
  • Thutmose III military leader, pharaoh
  • Khedr El Touni Olympic medalist, weightlifter
  • King Tut former king
  • Anwar Wagdi actor, writer, director, producer
  • Mohammed Abdel Wahab singer, composer
  • Youssef Wahba former prime minister, jurist
  • Youssef Wahbi actor, director
  • Ibrahim Wasif Olympic medalist, weightlifter
Y - Z
  • Magdi Yacoub physician
  • Ismail Yasin actor, comedian
  • Menassa Youhanna priest, historian, theologian
  • Bassem Youssef television host
  • Saad Zaghloul former prime minister, revolutionary, statesman
  • Ahmed Zaki actor
  • Ahmed Zewail Nobel laureate
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Egypt's Information

Flag of Egypt
Land Area 995,450 km2
Water Area 6,000 km2
Total Area 1,001,450km2 (#29)
Population 94,666,993 (#15)
Population Density 95.10/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $1,110.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $12,100
Currency Pound (EGP)
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