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Djibouti Weather

Djibouti's Information

Flag of Djibouti
Land Area 23,180 km2
Water Area 20 km2
Total Area 23,200km2 (#146)
Population 846,687 (#161)
Population Density 36.53/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $3.35 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,400
Currency Franc (DJF)
Largest Cities


Djibouti is very hot and very dry, especially during the summer months, when high temperatures commonly exceed 110°F (43°C). In addition, the country receives almost 10 hours of daily sunshine throughout the year, which adds to the oppressive heat factor.

Small amounts of rain occur in the northern mountains, and less frequently along the coastal areas. Inland, the arid landscape is at the mercy of the occasional (often rare) summer downpour.

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This page was last updated on April 7, 2017.

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