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Djibouti History Timeline


  • (2000) Radical faction of FRUD and government signed peace agreement, civil war ended
  • (2000) Former Prime Minister and FRUD radical faction leader, Ahmed Dini, returned to Djibouti after nine years in exile in Yemen
  • (2000) Former police chief, General Yacin Yabeh Galab, failed in attempted coup; two people killed, 29 wounded
  • (2000) General Galab charged with conspiracy and breaching state security, sentenced to 15 years in prison
  • (2001) Dileita Mohamed Dileita became prime minister
  • (2001) Djibouti government gave U.S. military free land for base to use in fight against al Qaeda and other terrorists
  • (2002) German warships and 1,000 sailors arrived in Djibouti to patrol Red Sea shipping lanes in support of war against terror and U.S. actions in Afghanistan
  • (2002) 1992 law which allowed only three parties to compete with ruling party expired; multi-party politics established
  • (2002) Djibouti said it would not be used as a base for attacks against another country in the region
  • (2002) Ismail Guelleh reelected president
  • (2002) Cholera epidemic affected 1,828, 32 died
  • (2003) Coalition in support of President Gelleh won first free multi-party elections since independence in 1977
  • (2003) Bomb dropped from B-52 during training exercise killed one U.S. Marine, wounded eight other service members
  • (2003) Government began detaining and expelling illegal immigrants
  • (2004) Flooding caused by torrential rains in Djibouti City killed over 50 people, 1,500 people made homeless
  • (2005) President Guelleh reelected with no opposition
  • (2006) More than 90 passengers drowned when boat capsized after leaving port
  • (2006) Djibouti confirmed first human bird flu case in sub-Saharan Africa confirmed
  • (2006) UN report said Djibouti was providing arms to Islamic rebels in Somalia
  • (2007) Drought declared in some inland areas
  • (2007) World Food Programme (WFP) said funding had to be found or over 53,000 people could go without food rations
  • (2007) Protests against international arrest warrants issued in France for officials accused of blocking probe into death of Judge Bernard Borrel
  • (2008) Djibouti and France entered into legal battle in International Court of Justice in The Hague regarding the investigation into the death of Judge Bernard Borrel
  • (2008) Opposition parties boycotted parliamentary elections, ruling party won all 65 seats
  • (2008) Fighting between Djiboutian and Eritrean troops broke out in Ras Doumeira border area; nine Djiboutian soldiers were killed
  • (2008) International Court of Justice ruled that France was not obligated to share information regarding the death of Judge Bernard Borrel
  • (2008) Tarek bin Laden of Saudi Arabia signed deal with Djibouti to build Noor City, twin cities in Djibouti and Yemen linking Asia and Africa by a transcontinental bridge over the Red Sea
  • (2009) UN Security Council condemned Eritrea for failing to withdraw troops from disputed border area
  • (2009) UN Security Council approved sanctions against Eritrea for supplying weapons to Somali government opponents, and for refusal to resolve border dispute with Djibouti
  • (2010) Constitutional amendment approved by Parliament to allow President Guelleh to run for third term
  • (2010) Djibouti and Eritrea agreed to peacefully resolve border dispute
  • (2011) Thousands of demonstrators gathered to demand that President Guelleh step down after two terms; two people were killed.
  • (2011) President Guelleh elected to third term; opposition parties again boycotted the election
  • (2011) Horn of Africa (Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia) suffered from worst drought in 60 years, over 10 million people affected
  • (2011) UN said over 40,000 famine-hit people fled to Mogadishu, Somalia in search of food and water
  • (2011) UN said tens of thousands of people have died from the famine; millions needed food aid
  • (2011) World Health Organization said over 5,000 cases of Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) were reported in Djibouti compared to 2,000 a year ago
  • (2011) 200 troops from Djibouti arrived in Somalia to help African Union forces protect government and fight Islamist insurgents
  • (2012) IMF approved $14 million loan to help with finances after devastating drought
  • (2013) Opposition groups rejected results of parliamentary elections
  • (2013) Approximately 60% of Djibouti's residents were unemployed
  • (2013) Ethiopia and Djibouti signed agreement for $2 billion transmission interconnection between the two countries, allowing Ethiopia to export additional electricity to Djibouti

Djibouti's Information

Flag of Djibouti
Land Area 23,180 km2
Water Area 20 km2
Total Area 23,200km2 (#146)
Population 846,687 (#161)
Population Density 36.53/km2
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $3.35 Billion
GDP Per Capita 3,400$
Currency Franc (DJF)
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