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Congo History Timeline

  • (2006) Republic of Congo President Denis Sassou-Nguesso appointed head of the African Union following disagreements about Sudan's leadership bid
  • (2006) French appeals court reopened investigation into disappearance of more than 350 refugees in 1999; President Sassou-Nguesso accused France of interfering in country's affairs
  • (2006) African ministers approved incorporating guidelines for elections and governance for the continent
  • (2007) More than 40 political parties boycotted the parliamentary elections, ruling party (PCT, Congolese Workers' Party) won more than 90% of the seats
  • (2007) Renegade leader, Pastor Frederic Ntumi, led Ninja rebels in burning of their weapons as a commitment to peace
  • (2007) In spite of charges of electoral fraud, the ruling coalition was declared the winner in the legislative elections
  • (2007) London Club of private creditors cancelled 80% of Congo's $2.5 billion debt
  • (2008) Kenya Wildlife Service conducted crackdown on wildlife crime, border crossing at Congo's Brazzaville one of the locations of seized skins, teeth and ivory
  • (2009) Investigation conducted by French magistrate into accusations of money laundering and other alleged crimes by President Sassou-Nguesso and presidents of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea
  • (2009) President Sassou-Nguesso reelected for another seven years with over 78% of the vote
  • (2009) Top opposition politician, Mathias Dzon, claimed vote rigging and intimidation during elections, filed for annulment of President Sassou-Nguesso's reelection
  • (2009) Cargo plane crash near Brazzaville killed seven crew members, including five Russians
  • (2009) Cameroonian employee of Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC), Paul Gilles Nanda, was arrested in Republic of Congo after compilation of report showing bad management at the bank
  • (2010) Plane with group of Australian mining executives disappeared and crashed between Cameroon and Brazzaville, all 11 were killed wiping out entire board of company
  • (2010) Train accident in southern part of country killed 77, injured 745
  • (2010) Polio outbreak killed 104, affected another 200; government declared emergency, announced entire population would be vaccinated
  • (2010) Probe into assets of President Denis Sassou-Nguesso and presidents of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon was authorized by France's highest court after accusations of money laundering through French villas, cars and bank accounts
  • (2010) Eight countries signed agreement to limit spread of weapons in central Africa
  • (2010) Paris Club of creditor countries and Brazil agreed to cancel Congo's $2.4 billion debt
  • (2010) Special report by United Nations on Indigenous Peoples urged Republic of Congo to protect rights of Pygmy people
  • (2011) Stampede outside stadium in Brazzaville during Pan-African Music Festival killed seven
  • (2011) Tree-planting program was launched to fight deforestation and soil degradation
  • (2011) 69 Chinese fishing boats were banned from waters near Republic of Congo due to illicit activities
  • (2012) Weapons depot in Brazzaville caught fire, over 200 killed, 1,300 wounded, over 2,000 forced from homes
  • (2012) In first round of legislative elections, President Sassou-Nguesso's PCT party retained dominance
  • (2012) Republic of Congo and China signed agreement for 975 million euros to rebuild parts of Brazzaville destroyed by weapons depot fire and explosion
  • (2012) Charles Zacharie Bowao, former defense minister, was charged with the accident that blew up weapons depot in Brazzaville; he accused government of using him for scapegoat

Congo's Information

Flag of Congo
Land Area 341,500 km2
Water Area 500 km2
Total Area 342,000km2 (#63)
Population 4,852,412 (#124)
Population Density 14.21/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $30.27 Billion
Currency Franc (XAF)
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