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Congo History Timeline


  • (1976) Congo was one of six founding members of Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC)
  • (1977) President Ngouabi assassinated by Alphonse Massemba-Debat's supporters
  • (1977) Alphonse Massemba-Debat executed for treason
  • (1977) Jacques-Joachim Yhombi-Opango became president
  • (1978) Former ministers were implicated in attempted coup, 10 arrested
  • (1979) President Yhombi-Opanga resigned, PCT military government abolished, Jean-Pierre Thystere Tcicaya became interim chairman of PCT Central Committee
  • (1979) Denis Sassou-Nguesso became president of People's Republic of Congo as member of Parti Congolais du Travail (PCT, Congolese Workers' Party), People's Republic of the Congo was one-party state
  • (1981) Treaty of friendship and cooperation signed with Soviet Union
  • (1984) President Sassou-Nguesso reelected
  • (1987) Former President Jacques-Joachim Yhombi-Opango and Captain Pierre Anga included in plot to overthrow President Sassou-Nguesso; 20 military members arrested
  • (1987) Jacques-Joachim Yhombi-Opango arrested, detained for his role in attempted coup
  • (1987) French military assisted Congo government in quelling of rebellion of Kouyou people led by Captain Pierre Anga
  • (1988) Captain Pierre Anga killed
  • (1988) Government announced amnesty program for all political prisoners jailed before July, 1987
  • (1989) President Sassou-Nguesso reelected
  • (1990) As part of 30th anniversary of Congolese independence, President Sassou-Nguesso released political prisoners
  • (1990) Following resignation of Prime Minister Poaty-Souchlaty, Pierre Moussa became prime minister for the PCT
  • (1990) Legal opposition parties formed
  • (1990) Republic of Congo totally bankrupt, due to domination by French of oil production
  • (1990) People's Republic of Congo renounced Marxism, adopted social-democratic ideology
  • (1991) As part of multi-party democracy, General Louis Sylvain-Goma became prime minister for the PCT (Congolese Workers' Party)
  • (1991) Higher Council founded, was empowered to recommend new constitution, parliamentary and legislative elections
  • (1991) Country's name changed from People's Republic of Congo back to Republic of Congo
  • (1991) Andre Milongo became prime minister
  • (1991) Citizens held national conference, stripped President Sassou-Nguesso of most of his power; organized national elections
  • (1992) Voters approved new constitution establishing multi-party system
  • (1992) Pascal Lissouba elected president in first democratic election
  • (1993) President Lissouba signed $150 million oil agreement with Occidental Petroleum
  • (1993) Disputed parliamentary elections led to armed fighting between government and opposition supporters
  • (1994) Government and opposition forces agreed to ceasefire with opposition members given government positions
  • (1997) President Lissouba attempted to disarm rebels in advance of national elections
  • (1997) Former President Sassou-Nguesso's home was attacked by government troops
  • (1997) Private militia members loyal to former President Sassou-Nguesso fought for control of Brazzaville, government soldiers armed citizens, looted homes
  • (1997) Former President Nguesso began assault on the Brazzaville airport
  • (1997) The Cobras, private militia of former President Nguesso, took control of more then three-fourths of the country
  • (1997) Ceasefire pact signed by government and rebel forces
  • (1997) President Lissouba, Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas removed from office in military coup
  • (1997) Denis Sassou-Nguesso became president after seizing power with help of Angolan troops
  • (1997) Pascal Lissouba fled the country
  • (1997) Sassou-Nguesse's troops, along with over 1,000 Angolan troops captured Brazzaville and Pointe Noire, civil war erupted
  • (1998) Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo negotiated common border
  • (1998) 100 members of ousted government were indicted on charges of assassination, torture, rape, fraud, theft
  • (1998) Angolan troops killed dozens in weekend attack on Nkayi
  • (1999) Government, rebel forces signed ceasefire, agreed to demilitarize political parties, readmit rebel units into security forces
  • (2001) New constitution adopted, paved way for new presidential, parliamentary elections
  • (2001) Former President Lissouba was convicted in absentia of charges of treason and corruption, sentenced to 30 years of hard labor
  • (2002) Voters in constitutional referendum approved amendments to consolidate presidential powers
  • (2002) Denis Sassou-Nguesso won presidential election after main rivals were banned from the race
  • (2002) Fighting between Ninja rebels and government forces drove thousands of civilians from homes in Pool area
  • (2002) Fighting in Brazzaville between rebels and government troops resulted in deaths of more than 100 rebels, 17 government soldiers
  • (2002) President Sassou-Nguesso promised to fight corruption
  • (2003) Government and Ninga rebels signed peace agreement
  • (2003) Ebola outbreak decimated gorilla population, 800 died at Lossi Sanctuary
  • (2004) Train derailment south of Brazzaville killed 31, injured hundreds
  • (2004) United Nations-backed organization barred Republic of Congo from world diamond trade accusing it of sending millions of dollars in smuggled gems into global market
  • (2005) Leaders of seven Central African countries, including Republic of Congo, signed treaty to work together to save the world's second largest rain forest, located in the Congo
  • (2005) Two districts were quarantined after being struck by the Ebola virus
  • (2005) Former Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas, who had been in exile, was allowed to return home to bury his wife
  • (2005) Former Prime Minister Bernard Kolelas was given amnesty

Congo's Information

Flag of Congo
Land Area 341,500 km2
Water Area 500 km2
Total Area 342,000km2 (#63)
Population 4,852,412 (#124)
Population Density 14.21/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $30.27 Billion
Currency Franc (XAF)
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