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Comoros History Timeline


  • (2001) Azali Assoumani announced country would return to civilian rule in 2002 after new institutions of government had been set up
  • (2001) Military committee led by Major Combo Ayouba seized power in Anjouan
  • (2001) Takeover of Anjouan by Major Combo Ayouba crushed by Major Mohamad Bacar
  • (2001) Coup attempt against Major Ayouba led by Colonel Said Abeid, failed
  • (2001) Voters approved new constitution keeping three islands as one country, but with greater autonomy
  • (2002) Presidential elections were held, Colonel Mohamed Bacar elected leader of Anjouan and Mohamed Said Fazul elected leader of Moheli, Azali Assoumani named president of reunited Comoros
  • (2002) Mze Abdou Soule Elbak elected island president of Grande Comore
  • (2003) Security forces stopped coup attempt against President Assoumani
  • (2004) Local elections for assemblies were held on the three islands
  • (2004) National Assembly opened, President Assoumani named members of first federal government
  • (2005) Mount Karthala Volcano erupted, caused evacuation of over 40,000 residents
  • (2006) Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi of Anjouan, a Muslim cleric, won federal presidential election
  • (2007) Troops from African Union were sent to help keep peace following elections after Anjouan President Mohamed Bacar refused to step down
  • (2007) Mohamad Bacar inaugurated as Anjouan's president after elections were held in defiance of federal government and African Union
  • (2007) Travel sanctions on Mohamed Bacar and other government officials were imposed by African Union
  • (2007) African Union froze Anjouan's foreign assets, called for new elections
  • (2007) African Union began naval blockage of Anjouan Island
  • (2008) Comoran and African Union troops recaptured Anjouan Island
  • (2008) France took Mohamed Bacar into custody
  • (2008) Mohamed Bacar escaped to Mayotte, requested political asylum
  • (2008) Bacar was moved to Reunion Island where he was charged and investigated for illegally entering French territory while carrying weapons
  • (2008) Bacar's asylum request was rejected
  • (2009) Island of Mayotte voted to integrate with France, Comoros government termed referendum null and void
  • (2009) Referendum vote approved extension of president's term of office, extension was opposed by opposition party, and many residents of Moheli
  • (2009) Plane crashed off Comoros coast, killed all but one of 153 on board
  • (2009) In parliamentary elections, President Sambi's party won landslide victory
  • (2010) Libyan soldiers began duty in presidential guard, supposedly as trainers
  • (2010) Ikililou Dhoinine won presidential election
  • (2011) Ikililou Dhoinine assumed office as president
  • (2012) Seven people died, six missing after ship carrying illegal immigrants capsized in Indian Ocean near Mayotte

Comoros's Information

Flag of Comoros
Land Area 2,235 km2
Total Area 2,235km2 (#168)
Population 794,678 (#162)
Population Density 355.56/km2
Government Type Federal Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $1.26 Billion
GDP Per Capita 1,500$
Currency Franc (KMF)
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