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Chad History Timeline

Chad's Information

Flag of Chad
Land Area 1,259,200 km2
Water Area 24,800 km2
Total Area 1,284,000km2 (#20)
Population 11,852,462 (#76)
Population Density 9.41/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $30.59 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,600
Currency Franc (XAF)
Largest Cities

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2000s continued

  • (2008) Security forces in southeast Chad killed more than 70 Muslim followers of Ahmat Israel Bichara who threatened to launch holy war
  • (2008) Court sentenced former Chad leader, Hissene Habre, and 11 rebels to death
  • (2009) Eight rebel groups formed new alliance: Union of Resistance Forces (UFR) with Timan Erdimi as leader
  • (2009) Over 6,000 people fled from Central African Republic to Chad after violence erupted
  • (2009) UN forces took over command from EU peacekeeping mission to protect refugees and displaced people
  • (2009) Belgium began proceedings in World Court against Senegal for failing to put Hissene Habre on trial for human rights abuses
  • (2009) Sudan accused Chad of mounting series of air strikes
  • (2009) U.S. added six African countries, including Chad, to blacklist of countries trafficking in people
  • (2009) UN accused Sudan of supporting Chad's URF rebels with arms and ammunition
  • (2009) French Red Cross staff member abducted near border with Sudan
  • (2009) International Red Cross and five other aid groups suspended work in Chad, due to risk of staff being abducted or killed
  • (2010) Chad and Sudan agreed to monitor situation along their shared border with joint forces
  • (2010) Chad agreed to allow UN peacekeeping force stay an additional two months beyond end of mid-March withdrawal date
  • (2010) Sudan-Chad border reopened after seven years
  • (2010) Chad and other countries in Sahel region gripped by food crisis
  • (2010) Cholera outbreak killed over 40 people
  • (2010) Flooding killed at least 24 people, left 70,000 homeless
  • (2010) U.S. granted waiver allowing Chad and several other African countries to continue receiving U.S. military aid despite use of child soldiers
  • (2010) Main political parties established timetable for postponed parliamentary and presidential elections
  • (2010) Experts met to discuss protecting Lake Chad as it has shrunk over past 50 years due to climate change and population
  • (2011) Chad celebrated 50 years of independence from France
  • (2011) President Deby reelected with 84% of the vote, opposition boycotted elections
  • (2011) Senegal called off planned extradition to Chad of Hissene Habre, who had been sentenced to death for crimes against humanity, after UN appeal
  • (2011) President Deby vowed he would battle corruption during his new five-year term
2000s continued
  • (2011) Lack of rain and diminished harvesting caused severe food shortage
  • (2012) Chadian mercenaries were arrested after attacks in Kano, Nigeria
  • (2012) Belgium petitioned UN's highest court to force Senegal to send Hissene Habre to trial for crimes against humanity or extradite him
  • (2012) President Deby urged countries that neighbored northern Nigeria to set up military forces to combat militants, said Islamits could destabilize Lake Chad basin area
  • (2012) Highest court of United Nations ordered Senegal to either prosecute Hissene Habre or extradite him to Belgium
  • (2012) Senegal and African Union finalized plan on how to try Hissene Habre, accused of ordering thousands of political opponents to be tortured or killed
  • (2012) Rebel leader General Baba Ladde, turned himself into authorities in Central African Republic
  • (2012) Senegal's National Assembly adopted law creating special tribunal to try Hissene Habre
  • (2013) Chadian troops assisted France in driving al-Qaeda allies out of Mali
  • (2013) Islamist militant and former al-Qaeda leader, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, killed by Chadian soldiers in Mali
  • (2013) Senegal launched tribunal investigation of Hissene Habre
  • (2013) Chad agreed to send additional troops to help stabilize Central African Republic following recent coup
  • (2013) Opposition MP and army officers were arrested for alleged coup plot

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