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Cameroon History Timeline

Cameroon's Information

Flag of Cameroon
Land Area 472,710 km2
Water Area 2,730 km2
Total Area 475,440km2 (#53)
Population 24,360,803 (#53)
Population Density 51.53/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $77.24 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,300
Currency Franc (XAF)
Largest Cities

1900s continued

  • (1992) In presidential election, President Biya won by small margin; reports of election fraud caused demonstrations; thousands arrested, many died in riots; opposition members put under house arrest
  • (1993) U.S. government imposed economic sanctions on Cameroon
  • (1994) Fighting broke out between Cameroon and Nigeria over border of oil-rich Bakassa Peninsula
  • (1994) Economic crisis led to higher prices, devaluation of Central African franc
  • (1995) Southern Cameroons National Council formed, demanded independence from Cameroon
  • (1996) Nigeria and Cameroon agreed to UN mediation to resolve border dispute over Bakassa Peninsula
  • (1997) President Biya's party won majority of seats in parliament during elections
  • (1997) President Biya reelected
  • (1998 - 1999) Business organization, Transparency International, labeled Cameroon as the "most corrupt country in the world"
  • (1998) Nigeria and Cameroon agreed to exchange war prisoners from border conflicts
  • (1998) Train hauling oil tanker cars derailed outside of Yaounde, collided with oncoming train, exploded, more than 100 killed
  • (2000) World Bank approved funding for oil and pipeline project in Cameroon and Chad; environmental and human rights activists criticized project
  • (2001) Environmental organizations protested over pipeline project, deforestation of Cameroon
  • (2001) Plague of caterpillars devastated crops in eastern and southern provinces
  • (2001) Tensions grew between government and separatists lobbying on behalf of Cameroon's English-speaking residents, several arrests were made, three died
  • (2002) International Court of Justice gave sovereignty of Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon, Nigeria rejected ruling
  • (2003) Chad begun pumping oil to Cameroon in project funded by World Bank
  • (2003) After week of heavy rain, water-logged hillsides gave way, 21 killed
  • (2003) Nigeria ceded 32 villages to Cameroon as part of 2002 border agreement
  • (2004) Nigeria failed to meet deadline to hand over Bakassi Peninsula
  • (2004) President Biya won seventh term as president in elections
  • (2004) Inoni Ephraim began serving as prime minister
  • (2005) French Civil Aviation Authority banned flights by Cameroon Airlines citing safety concerns
  • (2006) At UN-mediation summit, Nigeria agreed to withdraw troops from Bakassi Peninsula
  • (2006) Paris Club agreed to cancel most of Cameroon's $3.5 billion debt
  • (2006) At least 30,000 refugees, fleeing conflicts in Chad and Central African Republic, escaped to Cameroon
  • (2007) President Biya's party retained majority in parliament in legislative elections
  • (2007) 21 Cameroon soldiers killed in Bakassi Peninsula by suspected Nigerian militants
  • (2008) Transport strike against fuel costs turned into anti-government demonstrations in Yaounde, at least 17 killed
  • (2008) Constitution amended by Parliament allowing President Biya to run again in 2011
  • (2008) Bakassi Peninsula turned over to Cameroon by Nigeria; territorial dispute ended
  • (2008) Cameroon and Nigeria mutually agreed to protect land and sea borders from attacks by pirates and militants
  • (2010) Cholera outbreak killed over 300
  • (2010) Senior security officials sacked after rumors circulated of attempted coup
  • (2011) Cameroon secured loan from China to build deep sea port at Kribi
  • (2011) Busses and taxis were banned from using roads at night in order to reduce high number of fatal accidents
  • (2011) Cholera outbreak killed nearly 500; 13,000 cases reported
  • (2011) Paul Biya won reelection as president, opponents alleged fraud
  • (2011) Food and living costs spiraled; unemployment reached 60%
  • (2011) Ten presidential candidates filed requests with Supreme Court for annulment of presidential election; Supreme Court rejected request
  • (2011) National Anti-Corruption Commission of Cameroon reported 45 million euros was missing from public works ministry, general treasury, maize industry
  • (2012) Nearly 500 elephants were killed in less than two months in Bouba Ndjida National Park by poachers from Sudan and Chad
  • (2012) Police arrested former Prime Minister Inoni Ephraim as part of corruption investigation
  • (2012) Minister Marafa Hamidou Yaya jailed for embezzlement of $29 million that was to be used for down payment on presidential plane
  • (2012) Seven athletes from Cameroon went missing from London Olympics, assumption was they were seeking asylum in United Kingdom
  • (2012) President Biya celebrated 30 years in power
  • (2013) France urged citizens to leave northern Cameroon following kidnapping of seven family members by Islamic militants

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