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Famous Burundians

Burundi's Information

Flag of Burundi
Land Area 25,680 km2
Water Area 2,150 km2
Total Area 27,830km2 (#142)
Population 11,099,298 (#80)
Population Density 432.22/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $7.89 Billion
GDP Per Capita $800
Currency Franc (BIF)
More Information Burundi
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

  • Jean-Baptiste Bagaza former president
  • Venerand Bakevyumusaya politician, diplomat
  • Joseph Bamina politician
  • Frédéric Bamvuginyumvira politician
  • King Mwambutsa IV Bangiricenge former king
  • Marina Barampama politician
  • Alphonse Barancira politician
  • Antoinette Batumubwira politician
  • Gael Bigirimana footballer
  • Beni Bertrand Binobagira swimmer
  • Kassim Bizimana footballer
  • Pierre Buyoya former president
  • Melchior Bwakira diplomat, politician
G - I
  • Zacharie Gahutu diplomat
  • Mwami Mwezi IV Gisabo former king
  • David Habarugira footballer
  • Arthemon Hatungimana middle distance runner
  • Olivier Irabaruta long distance runner
K - M
  • Ernest Kabushemeye politician
  • Princess Esther Kamatari writer, princess
  • Laurent Kavakure politician
  • Jean-Claude Kavumbagu journalist
  • Sylvie Kinigi former prime minister
  • Aime Debo Kitenge footballer
  • Dieudonne Kwizera middle distance runner
  • Ernest Manirumva anti-corruption activist, human rights defender
  • Mwambutsa I Mbariza former king
  • Mutaga IV Mbikije former king
  • Michel Micombero former president
  • Mwami Mutaga III Senyamwiza Mutamo former king
K - L
  • Gaston Kabore film director
  • Zabore "Zinda" Kabore politician
  • Joseph Ki-Zerbo politician, writer
  • Marthe Koala hurdler
  • Gerard Kobeane sprinter
  • Dramane Kone drummer
  • Bilgho Akaramata Kora musician
  • Moro Naba Kougri former king
  • Dani Kouyate actor
  • Aboubakar Sangoule Lamizana former president
  • Melchior Ndadaye intellectual, politician
  • Mwami Mwezi III Ndagushimiye former king
  • Renovat Ndayirukiye ambassador
  • Domitien Ndayizeye former president
  • Joseph Nduhirubusa bishop
  • Faustin Ndikumana anti-corruption activist
  • Jean-Patrick Nduwimanaana middle distance runner
  • Pierre Ngendandumwe politician
  • Francois Ngeze politician
  • Evariste Ngoyagoye archbishop
  • Isidore Nibizi diplomat
  • Khadja Nin singer, musician
  • Onèsphore Nkunzimana long distance runner
  • Pierre Nkurunziza former president
  • Venuste Niyongabo Olympic medalist, middle distance runner
  • Francine Niyonsaba track and field athlete
  • Francine Niyonizigiye long-distance runner
  • Germain Niyoyankana i politician
  • Gerard Niyungeko jurist
  • Aloys Nizigama long distance runner
  • Charles Nkazamyampi middle distance runner
  • Augustin Nsanze historian, politician, diplomat
  • Joachim Nshimirimana athlete
  • Severin Ntahomvukiye politician
  • Joachim Ntahondereye bishop
  • Odette Ntahonvukiye judoka
  • Simon Ntamwana archbishop
  • Ntare V of Burundi former king
  • Diane Nukuri-Johnson distance runner
  • Immaculée Nahayo Nyandwi politician
  • Cyprien Ntaryamira former president
  • Sylvestre Ntibantunganya former president
  • Gabriel Ntisezerana former vice-president, economist, banker
  • Immaculee Nahayo Nyandwi politician
  • Egide Nzojibwami geologist, academic
  • Alice Nzomukunda politician
  • Justin Nzoyisaba bishop
R - U
  • Ntare IV Rutaganzwa Rugamba former king
  • Prince Louis Rwagasore national hero, former prime minister
  • Alexis Sinduhije journalist, politician
  • Therence Sinunguruza politician
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye long distance runner
  • Elsie Uwamahoro swimmer
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This page was last updated on July 10, 2020.

Burundi Trivia

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Burundi?

Burundi is rich in natural resources including arable land, natural forests, wildlife, water resources, peat, gold, nickel, and other mineral deposits.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Burundi?

What Is The Culture Of Burundi?

Burundi has a rich heritage of oral literature which features stories, legends, poems, songs, and riddles.

The Culture Of Burundi

What are the Ecological Regions of Burundi?

Burundi's environmental landscape is a mix of highland forests and savanna grasslands. The ecological regions include tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests, tropical and subtropical grasslands, and shrublands.

Ecological Regions Of Burundi

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Burundi?

The Hutu ethnic group makes up around 85% of the population of Burundi.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Burundi

What is the Largest Religion in Burundi?

An estimated 75% of Burundians are Christian, with 81.5% of these Christians (61.1% of the total population) being Roman Catholic Christians.

Religious Beliefs In Burundi

What is the biggest city in Burundi?

Bujumbura is the largest city in Burundi with a population of nearly 500,000.

Biggest Cities In Burundi

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