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Botswana History Timeline

1900s continued

  • (1985) South African army raided buildings in Gaborone seeking alleged African National Congress (ANC) members; UN Security Council condemned actions
  • (1987) South Africa blockaded Gaborone
  • (1989) Toutswe state conquered by neighboring Mapungubwe state; Tourswe town abandoned
  • (1989) Tensions raised between South Africa and Botswana over continued covert operations by South Africa against ANC refugees in Botswana
  • (1989) Quett Masire re-elected president
  • (1990s) Botswana became world's second largest diamond exporter
  • (1991) 12,000 public sector workers fired after strike calling for increased wages
  • (1992) Senior officials of BDP party resigned after country-wide strikes, corruption scandals
  • (1994) BDP party won legislative elections, Quett Masire re-elected president
  • (1995) Thousands of indigenous bushmen (Baswara) relocated away from Kalahari Game Reserve by the government
  • (1997) Constitutional amendments approved: presidency limited to two five-year terms; voting age lowered to 18 from 21
  • (1998) President Masire resigned and retired; Vice-President Festus Mogae became new president
  • (1998) Botswana Congress Party formed following split in BNF party; most BNF deputies switched allegiances
  • (1999) Voter registration problems caused six-day state of emergency to be declared
  • (1999) BDP party won majority in general election, Festus Mogae confirmed as president
  • (1999) International Court of Justice gave control of Sedudu-Kasikili, a river island disputed by Botswana and Namibia, to Botswana
  • (2000) More than 60,000 homeless after devastating floods
  • (2001) Botswana was reported to have the world's highest HIV infection rate at 38.3% of the population
  • (2001) Diamond corporation, Debswana, announced it would subsidize drugs for workers with Aids
  • (2002) Baswara bushmen took government to court after forced eviction from ancestral lands, case dismissed on a technicality
  • (2003) Botswana began erection of fence along border with Zimbabwe to slow influx of illegal immigrants
  • (2004) Over 1,000 workers fired after striking over pay at Botswana's largest diamond-mining company
  • (2004) President Mogae re-elected
  • (2006) Baswara bushmen won four-year legal battle to hold onto ancestral lands
  • (2007) President Mogae announced he would resign the next year
  • (2008) Botswana began own diamond trading company - Diamond Trading Company Botswana
  • (2008) Seretse Khama Ian Khama succeeded Mogae as president
  • (2008) Former President Festus Mogae won $5 million Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership
  • (2009) Diamond production cut in half due to falling demands for precious gemstones
  • (2009) President Khama re-elected to five-year term
  • (2010) Boycott of Botswanan diamonds called by human rights group,Survival International; accused government of forcing Baswara bushmen away from ancestral lands
  • (2011) Appeals court ruled that Baswara bushmen had right to drill for water in ancestral lands
  • (2011) Civil servants held two-month strike over pay
  • (2011) Plane crash in Botswana killed British pilot, seven European passengers
  • (2012) Three main opposition parties failed in attempt to form coalition to challenge ruling Botswana Democratic Party

Botswana's Information

Flag of Botswana
Land Area 566,730 km2
Water Area 15,000 km2
Total Area 581,730km2 (#47)
Population 2,209,208 (#144)
Population Density 3.90/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $35.90 Billion
GDP Per Capita $16,900
Currency Pula (BWP)
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