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Famous Batswanas

Botswana's Information

Flag of Botswana
Land Area 566,730 km2
Water Area 15,000 km2
Total Area 581,730km2 (#47)
Population 2,209,208 (#144)
Population Density 3.90/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $35.90 Billion
GDP Per Capita $16,900
Currency Pula (BWP)
More Information Botswana
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.A - C
  • Ernest Amos football player
  • Nijel Amos Olympic medalist, runner
  • Ronald Baipidi trade unionist
  • Onalenna Baloyi runner
  • Ndabili Bashingili runner
  • Thato Batshegi boxer
  • Tamocha Bedi football player
  • Roy Blackbeard diplomat
  • Malepa Bolelang football player
  • Gaositwe K.T. Chiepe politician, diplomat
D - I
  • Michael Dingake politician, activist, writer
  • Unity Dow judge, human rights activist, writer
  • Draztik record producer, composer
  • Glody Dube runner
  • Connie Ferguson actress
  • Louis Matshwenyego Fisher former commander Botswana Defense Force
  • Modise Mokwadi Fly politician, activist
  • Kgosi Gaborone former Botswana chief
  • Gable Garenamotse long jumper
  • John Hardbattle activist
  • Khumiso Ikgopoleng boxer

K - L
  • John Kamyuka swimmer
  • Ponatshego Kedikiwe politician
  • Fanuel Kenosi sprinter
  • Bakwana Kgosidintsi Kgari politician, diplomat
  • Kabelo Kgosiemang high jumper
  • Ian Khama president, politician, aviator
  • Seretse Khama statesman, former prime minister, former president
  • Tshekedi Khama regent of Bamangwato tribe
  • Tshekedi Khama II politician
  • Gilbert Khunwane boxer
  • Kagiso Kilego sprinter
  • Johnson Kubisa sprinter
  • Mpule Kwelagobe Miss Universe 1999
  • Joseph Legwaila diplomat, politician

  • France Mabiletsa boxer
  • Isaac Makwala sprinter
  • Gakologelwang Masheto sprinter
  • Quett Ketumile Masire former president
  • Tebogo Masire commander Botswana Defense Force
  • Edison Masisi politician, diplomat
  • Elizabeth Mataka activist
  • Moteane Melamu writer, academic
  • Mompati Merafhe politician
  • Diabi Jacob Mmualefe diplomat, ambassador
  • Peter Mmusi politician
  • Archibald Mogwe politician, diplomat
  • California Molefe sprinter
  • Amantle Montsho sprinter
  • Joe Morris songwriter
  • Banjo Mosele guitarist, singer, composer
  • Lesego Motsumi politician
N - R
  • Margaret Nasha politician
  • Louis Goodwill Nchindo political advisor
  • Moutlakgola P. K. Nwako politician, diplomat
  • Oteng Oteng boxer
  • Samuel O. Outlule ambassador
  • Samantha Paxinos swimmer
  • Koegathe Rabithone football player
  • Leetile Disang Raditladi playwright, poet
  • Bernadette Sebage Rathedi diplomat, ambassador
  • Patrick van Rensburg educationalist, activist
  • Gaolesiela Salang sprinter
  • Valentine Tsamma Seane Catholic bishop
  • Mosadi Seboko hereditary leader of Balete people
  • Barolong Seboni poet, academic
  • Kgosi Seepapitso IV chief Ngwaketse tribe
  • Shirley Itumeleng Tiny Segokgo politician
  • Sekgoma II former king
  • Lenyeletse Seretse politician
  • Roy Sesana activist
  • Andrew Sesinyi author
  • Boniface Tshosa Setlalekgosi Catholic bishop
  • Thato Sikwane radio personality
T - V
  • Donald Thobega football player
  • Sheila Tlou politician, HIV/AIDS specialist
  • Thomas Tlou academic, historian
  • Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi journalist, politician

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Botswana Trivia

What Kind of Plants Live in Botswana?

Some of the plants that live in Botswana include the sweet thorn, blady grass, the real fan palm and the medlar.

Native Plants Of Botswana

What Languages are Spoken in Botswana?

English is the official language of Botswana, while Setswana is the most widely spoken language in the country. Several other minority languages, especially Bantu languages, are also spoken in Botswana.

What Languages are Spoken in Botswana?

What is the biggest city in Botswana?

Gaborone is the largest city in Botswana with a population of 231,000.

Biggest Cities In Botswana

What is the Currency of Botswana?

The official currency of Botswana is the pula.

What is the Currency of Botswana?

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Botswana?

Botswana is rich in a wide variety of natural resources including minerals, arable land, livestock, and the nation's beautiful scenery.

What Are The Major Natural Resources Of Botswana?

What Kind of Government Does Botswana Have?

In the parliamentary representative democratic republic of Botswana, the president of the nation serves as both the head of state and government.

What Type Of Government Does Botswana Have?

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