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Benin History Timeline

Benin's Information

Flag of Benin
Land Area 110,622 km2
Water Area 2,000 km2
Total Area 112,622km2 (#100)
Population 10,741,458 (#85)
Population Density 97.10/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $24.31 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,200
Currency Franc (XOF)
More Information Benin
Largest Cities

1900s continued

  • (1992) President Soglo's wife formed Parti de la Renaissance du Benin
  • (1995) Following legislative elections, Parti de la Renaissance du Benin formed new government
  • (1996) President Soglo's government formally recognized voodoo as a religion, in effort to "correct an injustice"
  • (1996) After intervention by constitutional court, Mathieu Kerekou won presidential election
  • (1997) Labor unions criticized government's liberalization of the economy
  • (1997) January 10 legalized as voodoo holiday
  • (1999) New government formed with representatives of 10 parties in legislative elections
  • (2001) President Kerekou reelected in presidential elections
  • (2002) Benin joined Community of Sahel-Saharan States
  • (2002) First local elections held in over 10 years
  • (2003) Parties in support of President Kerekou won majority of elective seats in legislative elections
  • (2003) Lebanese charter plane crashed after take-off from Cotonou, over 140 killed; French investigators discovered plane was overloaded
  • (2004) Benin, Nigeria agreed to redraw border
  • (2005) U.S. telecommunications firm fined for bribery for funneling millions of dollars into President Kerekou's election campaign in 2001
  • (2005) River islands along disputed Benin, Niger border were awarded to Niger by International Court of Justice
  • (2006) Independent and Former West African Development Bank Director, Yogi Boni, won run-off vote in presidential elections; President Kerekou was barred from election under constitutional age limits
  • (2006) World Bank, African Development Bank approved debt relief for several countries, including Benin
  • (2007) In elections, President Yayi's coalition won control of parliament
  • (2007) China's foreign minister, Li Zhaoxing, signed accords in Benin as Beijing bolstered economic ties on the African continent
  • (2007) Benin, Nigeria, Togo formed Co-Prosperity Alliance Zone (COPAZ) to fast-track integration of their economies
  • (2008) In local elections, parties allied with President Yayi won majority of local council seats
  • (2009) Oil was discovered offshore near Seme on the Nigeria-Benin border
  • (2009) European Union (EU) banned all of Benin's air carriers from flying to EU in safety blacklist
  • (2010) Benin celebrated 50 years of independence
  • (2010) Investment Consultancy and Computering Service forced to close, more than a dozen employees arrested; more than 100,000 people lost life savings in Ponzi scheme run by the company, which appeared to be endorsed by President Yayi
2000s continued
  • (2010) Flooding killed 43, left over 100,000 homeless
  • (2010) Flooding killed 43, left over 100,000 homeless
  • (2011) President Yayi faced 12 opposition candidates in bid for second term
  • (2011) President Yayi won reelection
  • (2011) President Yayi's main challenger, Adrien Houngbedji, alleged widespread fraud during elections
  • (2011) President Yayi's party and allies regained control of parliament in elections
  • (2011) Pirates robbed chemical tanker and 17 Filipino crewmen in port of Cotonou
  • (2011) Pirates seized Italian tanker, 23 crew members off Benin's coast in Gulf of Guinea
  • (2011) London's marine insurance market added Benin to area of high risk due to escalation of pirate attacks
  • (2011) Death penalty was abolished
  • (2011) Pirates raided Cyprus-flagged vessel transferring crude oil to Norwegian-registered ship, 23 sailor kidnapped
  • (2011) China gave Benin $34 million in loans and grants, some to use for funding of anti-piracy patrols off the coast
  • (2011) Pope Benedict visited Benin
  • (2011) Justice Minister denounced country's judiciary as one of the most corrupt sectors in country
  • (2012) U.S. citizen kidnapped in Benin
  • (2012) President Yayi elected chairman of African Union for one year
  • (2012) Three people, including the president's niece, his personal physician and an ex-minister, were arrested over alleged plot to poison President Yayi

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