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Famous Angolans

Angola's Information

Flag of Angola
Land Area 1,246,700 km2
Total Area 1,246,700km2 (#22)
Population 25,789,024 (#50)
Population Density 20.69/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $189.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $6,800
Currency Kwanza (AOA)
More Information Angola
Largest Cities
People listed are almost always native to the country. We do (on occasion) include those that have either lived within the country for most of their adult life, or have made a significant contribution to the country in their personal endeavors.

A - B

  • Jose Eduardo Agualusa journalist, writer
  • Akwa football player
  • Nito Alves politician
  • Flavio Amado football player
  • Felizardo Ambrosio basketball player
  • Mario Pinto de Andrade poet, politician
  • Jorge Antunes actor
  • Milton Barros basketball player
  • Waldemar Bastos musician
  • Americo Boavida physician
  • Bonga musician, singer, songwriter
  • Domingos Bonifacio basketball player
  • Oscar Lino Lopes Fernandes Braga bishop
  • Maria Mambo Cafe politician
  • Boaventura Cardoso politician
  • Joao Carqueijeiro artist
  • Mendes de Carvalho author
  • Carlos Castro journalist
  • Alberto Graves Chakussanga radio journalist
  • Daniel Chipenda field commander in war of independence
  • Abel Chivukuvuku politician
  • Efigenia dos Santos Lima Clemente politician
  • Armando Costa basketball player
  • Manuel Franklin da Costa archbishop
  • Assuncao Cristas politician
  • Viriatom da Cruz poet, politician
D - F
  • Antonio Dembo politician
  • Depara photographer
  • Joana Amaral Dias politician, clinical psychologist
  • Luis Fernando journalist, novelist
  • Armenio Ferreira physician
  • Shunnoz Fiel fashion designer
  • Paulo Flores musician
  • Irina D. Franca singer, songwriter
  • Damiao Antonio Franklin archbishop
G - K
  • Maria Joao Ganga film director
  • Joaquim Gomes basketball player
  • Antonio Jacinto poet
  • Aguinaldo Jaime politician
  • Almerindo Jaka Jamba politician
  • Paulo Teixeira Jorge politician
  • Ze Kalanga football player
  • Paulo Kassoma former prime minister
  • Don Kikas singer
L - M
  • Alda Lara poet
  • Leila Lopes Miss Universe 2011
  • Ana Dias Lourenco politician
  • Paulo Lukamba politician
  • Mantorras football player
  • Ana Clara Guerra Marques dancer
  • Rafael Marques journalist, human rights activist
  • Rui Marques football player
  • Joao de Matos military general
  • Eduardo Mingas basketball player
M continued
  • Chilala Moco photographer
  • Marcolino Jose Carlos Moco former prime minister
  • Carlos Morais basketball player
  • Jose Pedro de Morais politician
  • Venancio da Silva Moura politician
  • Alexandre do Nascimento archbishop
  • Eduardo Nascimento singer
  • Lopo do Nascimento former prime minister
  • Antonio Agostinho Neto former president
  • Pitra Neto politician, professor, lawyer
  • Domingos Manuel Njinga politician
  • Fernando Nobre physician
  • Tekasala Ma'at Nzinga fashion designer
P - R
  • Paul G singer, songwriter, producer, dancer
  • Leonel Paulo basketball player
  • Pepetela writer
  • Jose de Fontes Pereira lawyer, journalist
  • Vadinho Pina fashion designer
  • Nando Rafael football player
  • Oscar Ribas novelist
  • Holden Roberto politician
  • Isaias Samakuva politician
  • Ana Paula dos Santos first lady
  • Artur Carlos Mauricio Pestana dos Santos writer
  • Elisabeth Santos fashion designer, artist
  • Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos aka Nando former prime minister
  • Jose Eduardo dos Santos president
  • Jonas Savimbi politician
  • Armando Jose Sayovo Paralympics athlete
T - W
  • Ana Paula Tavares writer
  • Fernando Jose de Franco Dias Van-Dunem former prime minister
  • Neide Van-Dunem singer, songwriter, actress
  • Manuel Vicente vice-president
  • Jeronimo Elavoko Wanga politician

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