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sydney opera house

A classic view of the Sydney Opera House.

sydney opera house at night

That same Opera House at night.

australian emu

The flightless emu is unique to Australia. It can reach over 6 ft. tall, and run at speeds near 30 mph.

An Aboriginal street entertainer, Sydney.


The Australian Koala.

sydney ferry

Sydney Harbor ferry.

opera house

From a ferry in Sydney Harbor, this is another view of the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.


Australian Binturong, a tree-dwelling animal related to the mongoose.

harbor bridge

Sydney's Harbor Bridge

water taxi

A Sydney water taxi will take its passengers to any harbor-fronting destination for about the same fee as a standard street taxi.

sydney tower

The Sydney Tower tops the city skyline at 1,000 feet high. It offers a bird'e eye view of this marvelous city.

sailing in sydney

Sydney Harbor is a great place to sail.

bondi beach

A beautiful day at Bondi Beach, Australia's most famous beach for fun, sun, shopping and surf.

bridge climbers

A popular tourist activity is Sydney is to climb the Harbor Bridge, a somewhat strenuous 3 hour trek. If you look closely in the middle of the picture you can see the worldatlas.com team on the way up. The views atop were incredible, but the guide would not let us use our cameras due to local harbor regulations. What a bummer! Like we would drop a camera on a boat below?

downtown sydney

A partial view of Sydney's skyline. For a fantastic (full size) view of same, click here!

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