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March 20, Day at Sea
Traveling to Ponce, Puerto Rico

Why do we wake up so early when we could have a lazy, casual day at sea? Probably because we always get up early and get our work done while our brains are still semi-clear!

The weather is cooler than it was a couple days ago near the equator. And, the humidity is much lower. This morning’s walk was very pleasant. The seas were relatively calm and the breeze helped keep us cool off.

This morning on board the Prinsendam, was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. There were about 60 people participating. We have participated in the walk several times – on the ships on which we’ve been cruising and in Rome. So far, the funds raised from our cruise for the Race for the Cure have been several thousand dollars

As I’ve said many times, days at sea are so helpful. We can download our photos, work on our website updates and answer many emails.

Today, we also decided what our gratuities would be for the service personnel who have taken such good care of us during these 70 days. Although our gratuities are pre-paid, we always believe an extra tip to the person directly from us means a lot – especially to us as we want them to know how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us. They have all worked very hard on our behalf to ensure our trip was pleasant, and for the most part, they have gone above and beyond what is expected.

We are on our way to our last port of call – Ponce, Puerto Rico. On Monday and Tuesday, we are at sea which gives us ample time for packing. Packing, again, will be a challenge, as we will continue to be “on the road” for another two to four weeks and we’ll again be in different climates. Thankfully, we won’t need any formal attire, which will help with the packing process.

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