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Enroute to Belem, Brazil Trip Journal

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March 7, Day at Sea
Enroute to Belem, Brazil

Each evening, we receive a daily program for the next day, outlining activities, speakers, upcoming ports and most importantly – “need to know” information. Today’s program talked a bit about water conservation while we’re in the Amazon.

At this time, we are told we should not experience much lessening of ship’s services regarding water. However, they are asking us to be very watchful of our consumption – i.e. using our towels more than once , short showers, making sure taps are turned off tightly.

During the Captain’s daily announcement, he also reiterated the need for everyone to cooperate these next few days. He is quite humorous – he said instead of drinking tap water, how about drinking a beer instead? Or, how about taking showers together to save water?

We have no problem with the requests. We use towels more than once when we’re home, so why not here?

We decided to walk early – before the heat of the day. Quite a few of our fellow passengers obviously felt the same way, as we had lots of company on Deck 7.

This afternoon, there was a “white elephant” silent auction. For the past couple days, anyone who had purchased some items and now had a change of heart about keeping them, could donate them for the auction. All proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Foundation and the Lar Batista Janell Doyle Children’s Center in Manaus, Brazil. On Wednesday, another silent auction plus an art auction will take place.

We stopped by the silent auction, but didn’t see much that was useful to us. There were some beautiful wool scarves and caps, but we don’t spend time in cold weather, so don’t have need for the heavier winter items.

Tonight was formal night in celebration of the Academy Awards. The dining room was decorated along with the big showroom. Many of the staff were dressed in costumes: Superman, Zorro, Batman, Julia Childs and many others. Instead of live entertainment this evening, the Oscars were shown live – beginning at 10:30pm. We decided we’d watch them as long as we could remain awake in the comfort of our room.

Tomorrow, we will be in Belem, Brazil, at the entry of the Amazon River.

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