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Enroute to Fortaleza, Brazil Trip Journal

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March 5, Day At Sea
Enroute to Fortaleza, Brazil

When I was lying in bed this morning, sadly thinking about disembarking in a couple more weeks, I decided we probably didn’t have enough luggage. We haven’t bought many things, but we carried our formal wear on board in garment bags when we arrived, so we didn’t have to send it out for pressing right away. We’re going to pack it in our bags when we leave. We most likely will not need formal attire for a while.

Shortly after the shops opened, we headed downstairs and purchased a duffle-type bag on wheels, so we can use it for miscellaneous items and pack the formal wear in our regular luggage.

Work, work and some more work. We had a nice lunch in the Lido dining room…it was taco day, so I was happy.

We had a fun dinner with our Cruise Specialist hosts, Lucia and Henk. They work hard to ensure our group has a good time – and it’s not easy. There are over 90 of us. Lucia and Henk are Dutch, but moved to the U.S. many years ago and are now U.S. citizens. They met on a cruise ship when they were very young, so it’s appropriate they now enjoy working and cruising with Cruise Specialists If one likes to travel and is good with people, being a host for a company such as Cruise Specialists, is an ideal retirement way of life.

We went to the Pinnacle Grill for dinner, and as always, the food was delicious and the service good. They were very busy, so we were happy we had made reservations several days ago.

One unfortunate circumstance in the life of a Brazilian, is the lack of opportunity for improvement in social and economic levels. In fact, one of the things I read said, “there is little chance of a poor Brazilian becoming a rich one, unless they play soccer well.”

We’re headed to Fortaleza, Brazil where we will visit tomorrow.

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