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Enroute to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil Trip Journal

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March 1, Day at Sea
Enroute to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

This was quite a day – of work, that is. We awakened early – 5:30 or so. John went to check email and post new information to worldatlas.com. I decided to do some laundry. Most of the time, we use the ship’s laundry and dry cleaning services, however, I have some tops I don’t want put in a clothes dryer, so opt to wash them myself.

The laundry room is on our deck – on the starboard side, so very convenient. And, it’s free! Most ships charge a couple dollars per wash load and dryer load.

Today was all about work. We both were able to accomplish a lot, so felt great at the end of the day.

A couple days after we boarded the ship, every passenger was given an amaryllis bulb and a vase. Ours finally blossomed on Saturday – two red and white blooms. They’re not large, but they are very pretty. This afternoon at 1:30, on the Lido Deck, there was an amaryllis parade. Each passenger was invited to bring the amaryllis and show it off. There were prizes awarded in several categories – the biggest, the prettiest, the best decorated vase and the “dud”. We didn’t take ours, but went up to check out the flowers and enjoy the parade.

I think we’re going to file a protest! Some of the blooms were huge – one had two blooms that had to each be six to eight inches across. We think they’ve been feeding them something – maybe Miracle Gro. We teasingly told the Cruise Director we thought there was a flower drug problem on board…and he said he was thinking about beginning an investigation to see if we might have a potential “doping scandal for flowers”. It’s been great fun talking with others about the flowers and the size and speculating on who has been feeding what to their plants.

None of our tablemates’ plants have bloomed yet. They have buds, but they’re being stubborn about opening up.

One of the greeters, Bagus, at the entry to the dining room door has adopted our table. He will come over and show us card tricks, cork tricks or sometimes sing to us. Last night, he had a math trick. He had written down the answer and when John picked random numbers and added, subtracted and added again, the answer was the same number Bagus had written on the paper. We asked him how he became so smart. He told us that he had not finished middle school. Well, we were all amazed. Then, he giggled and told us, he had gotten such good grades, they had moved him on to high school.

Bagus is young – early 20’s. Always smiling and laughing. A couple nights ago, a very elderly woman, using a cane, entered the dining room. The seas were a bit rough, so Bagus offered his arm to escort her to her table. All the way to the table, he was humming, “Here Comes the Bride”. He’s a character.

Another great day at sea. It’s hard to believe it’s March and we have to disembark on the 24th. We’ll be sad the journey is over, but are looking forward to the upcoming days as we still have so much to see and do. We continue to be very happy with the quality of service and the outstanding crew on the Prinsendam.

Tomorrow, Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

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