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Day at Sea Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Trip Journal

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February 26, Day at Sea
Enroute to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When something is in writing, I generally believe it. I know, I’m gullible. Our daily program said we wouldn’t have any water from 1am till about 5am, so I just knew we’d have water when we awakened.

6am – no water. But, I decided to run up to the next deck to the Lido dining room to see if there was any coffee. And, yes there was coffee…..decaf…..definitely from yesterday. But, I took some anyway, hoping my brain would believe the bitter taste was caffeine. (Didn’t work – brain didn’t like it)

While getting my coffee, there was a fellow passenger standing there also. He kept trying the machine with the regular coffee. One of the wait staff said to him “sir, we have no water, so we cannot make coffee right now. This machine works”, as he pointed to the decaf machine. The passenger was quite irate and said “I don’t drink decaf”. Like the poor waiter could do anything about it?

7am – no water. We went to the internet café, checked email, did some research.

8am – no water. No announcements with a status report. Since John and I and our tablemates had dinner with the Chief Engineer, now we were wondering if perhaps we helped him over imbibe, since the wine was freely poured!

8:45am – things are looking up! A small trickle of water from one of the bathroom sinks and the taps from the bathtub. Straight upstairs to the Lido dining room for coffee. The regular coffee machines were very popular!

9:25am – aha! A good sound. The toilet flushed! We are back to normal. We were quite surprised that absolutely no announcements were made about the delay (from 5am to 9:25am is quite a long time). They would have been better off to not put a time as to when repairs were expected to be completed.

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