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Day at Sea Cruising the Buenos Aires Trip Journal

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February 21, Day at Sea
Travel to Buenos Aires

Day two at sea as we travel to Buenos Aires. The weather is definitely getting warmer. It seems rather odd to be headed north to warmer weather.

In the Captain’s updates, he announced that there were many rumors aboard regarding our upcoming stop in Buenos Aires. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding about what the Argentineans are requiring in the way of permits for ships.

The Captain clarified the new position. There is a dispute between Great Britain and Argentina as the British are planning to start offshore exploration drilling near the Falklands. The Argentine position is that natural resources around the islands should be protected, and Britain must accept international resolutions labeling the Falklands a disputed area.

On the 17th of February, Argentina established a new policy that requires government permits for ships sailing from its ports to the British-ruled Falkland Islands. Argentina will also demand permits for ships headed to the uninhabited South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, over which the South American country also claims sovereignty.

The issue had already come to a head earlier this month when Buenos Aires blocked a shipment of pipes it said was bound for the British-run islands.

If, in fact, the ruling was in effect on the 17th, they must not have been enforcing it, as we sailed from Ushuaia in Argentina to the Falklands on the 19th with no problems. There is some concern that this new ruling could possibly affect the cruise ships entering Ushuaia. The cruise ship business is a rapidly growing industry in Ushuaia, so it’s difficult to imagine the Argentine government would want to negatively impact that segment of the economy.

It will be interesting to see how this conflict is resolved – let’s hope it doesn’t escalate into a repeat of the clash in 1982 between the two entities.

So, what happened next? We received our laundry back and John said “here’s my new Falkland Islands shirt. I think I’ll wear it tomorrow in Buenos Aires. It fits really well and I like the colors.” My response was: “Considering what the Captain just told us about an hour ago, do you think that would be a good idea, considering what is going on right now? I just don’t know if the Argentineans would like your fashion statement”.

We had seriously considered going to tonight’s onboard entertainment as they were featuring the Pampas Devils Gauchos. The show was a fusion of gaucho culture and the Argentine tango. Well, once again, bed won out. We’re going to a dinner and tango show in Buenos Aires tomorrow night, so we needed to rest up!

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