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Enroute to Stanley, Falkland Islands Trip Journal

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February 18, Day at Sea
Enroute to Stanley, Falkland Islands

What a difference a day makes! Calm seas resulted in a great night’s rest. Although it was a bit foggy when we awakened, by mid-morning, it was clear with just a few scattered clouds. Still a bit chilly outside, but we won’t have many more days of cool weather.

The library and internet café were busy this morning. Since we have open seas, there’s not a lot of scenic viewing, so passengers are obviously catching up on reading and email.

We decided to enjoy lunch today in the main dining room. We sat with three ladies, all traveling as singles. They’ve all been on other long cruises and had a wealth of experiences to share with us. We were discussing how medical issues are handled and one of them told us that four people died on the world cruise she took last year. These long cruises have an older age group, due to the length of time one spends. It would be difficult for a young person to take off work for three or more months! So, one needs to be self-employed, retired or independently wealthy! We’re clearly in the first category.

The Captain announced in his daily update at 1pm, that the weather in the Falkland Islands looks okay, but that it’s subject to change at a moment’s notice. Two ships in front of us – one being another Holland America ship – could not get in due to the weather. We are hoping we make it in as we really want to visit the Gentoo Penguins and I am hoping to visit their dentist. Last night at dinner, one of my crowns came off – happily, I didn’t swallow it! The medical center doesn’t have any adhesive, so I really need to visit a dentist to have it glued back on. Worst case, I’ll wait till Buenos Aires.

We will be visiting Port Stanley (we hope). It’s the administrative capital and the largest city in the Falkland Islands. We’ll be using the Falkland Islands pound, equivalent to the British pound Sterling, so this will be a more expensive stop.

In addition to the Gentoo Penguins, Magellanic Penguins also make their home here. The Magellanics are the ones we saw when in Punta Arenas at Magellan Island.

It will also be interesting to see the battlefields and the monuments from the 1982 conflict between Argentina and Great Britain.

At dinner, the seven of us were discussing how fortunate we are to have found such interesting and fun tablemates. That doesn’t always happen. I think some of the other passengers may be a bit jealous of us as they always look at our table when entering or leaving the dining room. We’re always laughing or having a lively discussion. No awkward or dull moments at our table!

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