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Day at Sea Cruising the Darwin Channel Trip Journal

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February 10, Day at Sea Cruising the Darwin Channel

What a night. We didn’t get a lot of sleep due to very rough seas. At least we were prepared, as the Captain had announced yesterday early evening that after leaving Puerto Chacabuco, we would sail through the Darwin Channel, and head back to the Pacific Ocean. He informed us there was a storm in the Pacific and that we would be experiencing major swells and turbulence until we reach the next part of the inside passage. He was certainly right.

The Captain told us this morning that some of the swells reached as high as 25 feet, with the norm being 15 to 18 feet. No wonder it’s been a rough ride!

We had prepared our cabin before we went to bed, making sure there were no loose items lying around that could fall. However, we had one big wave hit the ship this morning, and we hadn’t put the drinking glasses on the shelf tight enough so one fell to the floor and broke.

After arriving at the next part of the inside passage today, we sailed through Canals Fallos and Ladrilero. Beautiful green hills with lots of vegetation. We spent most of the day exploring these canals, then early evening, back in the ocean where we sailed between Golfo Ladrilero and Trinidad. The seas were rough again, but at least not for the same length of time as yesterday.

The weather today was a bit chilly – but not as cold as we had anticipated. There was a light mist on and off through the day.

Tomorrow, we will sail into the Andres and Pitt Canals as we head for the Amalia Glacier.

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