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February 9, Chacabuco, Chile

We woke up this morning to spectacular scenery. We arrived in Puerto Chacabuco, which is at the head of the Aysen Fjord. It’s also the main port of the region. The fjords are lush green, topped with snow and waterfalls are plentiful as they cascade down the mountains into the bay. Stunning. Words cannot describe the beauty of the area.

Unfortunately, the nature photo safari we had scheduled some time ago was cancelled due to heavy rains earlier in the week. The trails are very muddy and not suitable for walking. And, it’s just as well, as it was rainy and misty and cold (40? F/5? C).

Until 1991, Puerto Aisen was the main port in this area. However, at that time, the Patagonian forests experienced serious fires, plus the Mount Hudson volcano erupted which caused ashes and earth erosion to decrease the navigability of the Aisen River. So, the port was moved to its present location.

The road that leaves the port crosses Chile’s longest suspension bridge. We are in the midst of the Rio Simpson National Reserve which is over 100,000 acres. The mountains tower over 5,000 feet and the forests are thick.

Puerto Chacabuco does not offer a lot in the way of things to see and do – it’s a working port. Thus, most of the time, it’s best to head for the small city of Puerto Aisen. It’s a quaint community, best known for its regional beauty along with sport fishing. It’s about 25 miles from Puerto Chacabuco and is easily accessible by taxis and the local jitney service.

At last, our entire table was back for dinner. Five of us out of the seven at the table have recovered (we hope) from the “bug”. We also were able to return to our regular table after being reseated the night before due to the sprinkler going off and soaking everyone and everything.

The next two days are at sea while we navigate the Chilean Fjords. Tomorrow, we will cruise the Darwin Channel. We are hoping the weather is clear and we can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

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