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Enroute to Puerto Montt, Chile Trip Journal

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February 7, Day at Sea

Enroute to Puerto Montt, Chile

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the ship made quite a big deal of the day.

The game was shown in two areas – the main showroom and in the sports bar. Both rooms were decorated with the teams’ logos, inflatable helmets and footballs, streamers – a real party atmosphere. We watched the game beginning about halftime, as it started at 8pm ship time and that’s when we head for dinner. We had a lively discussion at dinner about the game. John and Ed were convinced the Colts would win – I predicted an upset – that the Saints would pull it out and take the championship. And, they did! Imagine being on Bourbon Street after the game.

We are traveling to Puerto Montt, Chile. As we head further south toward Antarctica, the weather is getting cooler and we’re experiencing more misty rains.

This part of Chile is known for its cattle region. There are green pasturelands that are nourished by the abundant rainfalls. We can also see the German influence in this area of Chile – much of it was settled by German immigrants, so there are shingled wooden homes and streets with German names.

One of the books I was reading about our upcoming stop in Puerto Montt referred to it as a “grimy” port. We shall see if we agree.

The most scenic part of the trip is upcoming. We will be sailing through the Chilean Fjords for the next several days, so are anticipating beautiful scenery with the snow-capped mountains and the possibility of spotting indigenous wildlife, such as the dolphins, sea lions, otters and of course, a large variety of birds.

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