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Enroute to Isla Robinson Crusoe Trip Journal

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February 5, Day at Sea

Enroute to Isla Robinson Crusoe

Despite the frequent hand washing and the use of the sanitizing stations based in multiple locations throughout the ship, I fell victim to “the bug”.

I visited the medical center upon their opening at 8am, where they promptly filled out some paperwork, gave me a bag containing instructions, Immodium, a packet of Gatorade and more hand cleaner. I was then sent immediately back to my room and was told to remain there until released.

Within an hour, the HazMat team was at the door to sterilize the room. They took all towels, whether used or not, completely stripped the bed, sprayed disinfectant on the pillows, wiped every area of the room that could be touched by humans, sprayed the floor. The workers were in masks and gloves. They were very efficient – obviously they’ve been having plenty of practice. They are serious about the sterilizing as when they were ready to step across the threshold from the room to the hallway, they sprayed the bottoms of their shoes. It’s rather disconcerting to feel that one is infected with the plague!

John was a good caretaker – running to the Lido deck to bring me Ginger Ales and gelatins. For dinner, I called room service and ordered a lovely dinner of broth with gelatin for dessert.

When John was at the internet library, he ran into one of our tablemates. Apparently, his wife, Marilyn and I both became ill during the night. Tom and John remain the two healthy ones at this point.

In order to make sure I don’t spread my germs any more than necessary, I’m using tissues to open and close the bathroom doors and since we have two sinks in our bathroom, I am using one of them and John the other.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, my diet can include soft boiled eggs (I can’t stand the runny yolks), toast, rice, broth and more gelatins. Yum….

The nurse told me that more solid foods must be introduced gradually back into the body, so it will be a few days before I can eat normally. She said a gastrointestinal illness virtually reverts the stomach back to infant-like, so foods cannot be consumed in great quantities and must be bland at the start.

Good news from the Captain today – slow, but sure, they are winning the battle against the bug. Today, less reported cases and not many reoccurrences.

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