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Enroute to Arica, Chile Trip Journal

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January 30, 2010, Day at Sea (enroute to Arica, Chile)

We changed our clocks last night – setting them an hour forward, so now we are one hour earlier than the U.S. EST.

We’re on our way to Chile, where we will be visiting various cities through February 12. During this time period, we will also be going through the Darwin Channel and seeing the Chilean Fjords.

Arica is only 12 miles south of the Peru border. It’s the capital of the recently created Arica and Parinacota Region (October 2007). Arica means "city of the eternal spring". Arica is a popular tourist destination due to its tropical, dry climate and the beaches.

Many Chileans cross the border into Peru to travel to Tacna, as services (such as dentists) are much less expensive.

Arica was an important port for the Spanish Empire and for famous buccaneers and pirates, including Francis Drake, Thomas Cavendish and Simon de Cordes. Rumors are that Drake’s treasure (approximately 10 billion dollars in gold and jewelry)>/i> is buried near the city. I’m thinking tomorrow may be a good day for treasure hunting.

A little bit of trivia: On August 16, 1868, the Arica was devastated by a tsunami which followed a magnitude 8.5 earthquake in what is now called Peru-Chile Trench off the coast.

Good news: the evacuation of tourists from Machu Picchu is complete. As of yesterday (Friday), over 4,000 people had been air-lifted out.

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