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Going to Callao Trip Journal

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January 26, 2010, day at sea

Today, our second sea day, is just beautiful. Seas are calm, temperature is quite comfortable. I took advantage of the morning sun and laid out by the aft deck pool for about an hour. John, of course, stayed in the cabin and worked. He said “someone has to do the work”, and to that I replied, “yes, I agree and I do appreciate you doing just that”.

The ship is listing on the port side today. John found out it’s because of the ballasts as they can’t empty the port side ballasts until we are at a certain location in the ocean where it’s environmentally safe. So, we’ll just keep leaning to the left until that happens.

The ship will be in Callao from early tomorrow morning until 5pm on Thursday. The port of Callao has been around a long, long time – it was established in 1537 to send goods to Spain (items stolen from the Incas).

This is the port where people disembark to visit Machu Picchu and we're looking forward to it. The Machu Picchu trip is two nights so everyone who visits there will catch the ship at Puerto San Martin (Pisco). It’s quite a trek to go Machu Picchu – fly to Cuzco, spend the night, early the next morning, bus or train to Machu Picchu for the day, returning to the hotel late afternoon. Then, Friday morning, catch a flight back to Lima, and board a bus to ride to Puerto San Martin.

In Callao, there are a lot of things to visit – the Plaza Independencia’s Real Felipe Fortress, Naval Museum, several archaeological zones, the fisherman’s quarters, along with the 16th century La Catedral in the central district, the changing of the guard at the Palacio de Govierno, plus several museums.

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