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Day at Sea Enroute to Manta, Ecuador Trip Journal

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January 23, 2010, day at sea enroute to Manta, Ecuador

We awakened fairly early and decided to go for our morning walk on Deck 7 before it became too busy with other walkers. Many passengers enjoy a morning walk – especially on sea days.

While walking we noticed the crew had placed chairs all around the decks for viewing the crossing of the equator. However, we are in the Pacific Ocean – there’s no sign saying “welcome” nor is there a line. So, my question is: What is there to see?

Did you know that the way water drains in a sink or tub changes depending on whether you’re north or south of the equator? On the north side of the equator, water swirls clockwise, south of the equator, it swirls counter clockwise. It’s call the Coriolis Effect – caused by the earth’s rotation. So, what happens if you have a sink that is right on the equator? Which way will the water drain? Clockwise or counter clockwise? Or, would it be so confused, it would just stay?

The King Neptune Ceremony was this afternoon. This is a tradition aboard cruise ships. King Neptune, the Chief of the Water Deities appeared with a spear with three points. Of course, King Neptune is honored by all because he offers safe passage and smooth waters. However, some of the crew members and fellow passengers had to be sacrificed. WHAT A MESS! These poor people had food and some pink gooey stuff poured all over them. And, they had to “kiss the fish”.

Kissing The Fish. Yikes!

By the time the ceremony was finished, there was food everywhere on the Lido deck, in the pool, and had been tracked into the hallways and stairways. I really felt bad for the crew who had to clean it up.

We’ll be in Manta, Ecuador tomorrow and have a lot of places to visit.

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