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January 16, 2010, day at sea

This morning we awakened to rolling seas. About 6:30, we decided to take our brisk, 3 1/2 mile morning walk. There's a jogging track on the top deck and a walking track on deck 7. Because it is so windy, we opted for deck 7 - and still were buffeted at the turns by very strong winds.

It's rather amusing to watch everyone (us included) trying to walk - we're all staggering as the ship is plowing through the waves. Fortunately, we're not affected by motion sickness or we'd be in really bad shape today.

So far, our dinner experiences and the quality of the food have exceeded our expectations. I am especially pleased as Holland America pays special attention to anyone with dietary constraints. I am gluten intolerant, so I receive special bread and am given the opportunity to pre-order my evening meal to ensure it will be gluten-free. I am impressed with how the kitchen can accomplish this, considering how many people they must feed each evening.
Tomorrow, Sunday, Santa Marta, Colombia.

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