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Amalia Glacier Chile Photos

sailing home
Sailing home, just to the south of Key West, Florida.

We encountered this somewhat strange ship leaving Panama City, Panama for Ecuador. Is it building a bridge? I have no idea.

Within the harbor at Panama City, Panama I spotted this ship. Note how a regular cargo ship was turned into a harbor crane. Innovative.

tuna boat
A tuna boat harbored for the night in Manta, Ecuador.

A foggy morning in the harbor at Lima, Peru.

MS Prinsendam docked in Lima, Peru.

A Royal Caribbean cruise ship leaving Key West, Florida.

The massive Carnival Freedom, holding nearly 4,000 passengers, arrives at its assigned dock in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

A tugboat working our ship in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Seagulls all in a row on a tanker tie-down rope in Lima, Peru.

The Xin Qiang from Hong Kong, unloading grain in Lima, Peru.

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