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Rio de janeiro brazil photos

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It is without question one of the most magnificent port cities on the planet. Sailing into its arms is an experience that no one would ever forget

Rio de Janeiro is world famous for many things, but the most significant ones certainly must include Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, an unrivaled Carnival celebration, infectous samba music, some of the best soccer teams to ever play the game, Christ the Redemmer statue high atop Corcovado mountain, enormous granite peaks in all directions, incuding Sugarloaf mountain, the #1 tourist attraction in the city.

Rio itself is home to some seven millon people, known locally as cariocas. And like so many of the large cities of the world, Rio is a mixture of wealth and poverty. However, this mass of humanity blends very well together; their mood is casual, friendly and very welcoming.

In 2014 the city will host the FIFA (soccer) world cup, and in 2016, the Summer Olympics come to Rio. The world is traveling to Rio de Janeiro, and you should too!


brazil, rio de janeiro, sugarloaf mountain

This is Sugarloaf Mountain, it's 1,300 ft. high and from the summit, spectacular views stretch out in all directions. To get to the top you must ride a somewhat precarious cable car, but in the end it's a very worthwhile trip. Note the three tan buildings to the lower right. From there you take a cable car to the small peak (the one with the white buildings on top). Once there, you and 60 other brave souls ride a gondola car into the heavens above. Wow!

brazil, rio de janeiro, sugarloaf mountain terrain

This is a small slice of the granite peak named Sugarloaf Mountain. Note the almost vertical wall of stone.

brazil, rio de janeiro, sugarloaf mountain cable cars

This is one of the cable cars that makes the trip every 15 minutes to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. The system was engineered by the Swiss, and thankfully, it was not built by Walmart's major supplier. The view from the top (in all directions) is simply stunning and a photograph can't possibly due it justice.

brazil, rio de janeiro, rio landscape

This is a similar view but from a wider angle. Center left is Copacabana Beach, and beyond the small (green) mountain centered left is Ipanema Beach and the land of string bikinis and surfer dudes.

brazil, rio de janeiro, leblon beach

From a helicopter, this is a Sunday late-morning view of Rio's Leblon Beach. To the northeast (out of view) is Copacabana Beach.

brazil, rio de janeiro, chris the redeemer statue

The Christ the Redeemer statue that stands atop the 2,296 ft. high Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro was recently named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Designed by Heitor da Silva Costa (a local engineer), and sculpted by Paul Landowski (a French monument sculptor), it is the recognized symbol of Rio de Janeiro.

brazil, rio de janeiro, christ the redeemer dimensions

The statue itself is 130 ft. tall and weighs 700 tons.

brazil, rio de janeiro, christ the redeemer skyline
This long distance shot will give you some idea on how Christ the Redeemer dominates the skyline of Rio. Note the cross on the granite peak in the background. It is literally visible from almost anywhere in the city.

brazil, rio de janeiro, helicopter rides
For the best views of the entire city of Rio, one must take a helicopter ride.

brazil, rio de janeiro, economic landscape
In Rio de Janeiro, the rich mix with the poor on the beaches, at soccer matches, and on the mountain side. There are no private beaches in Rio, and shantytowns seem to tumble down granite hillsides to blend into the beachfront condos and hotels.

brazil, rio de janeiro, i heart rio

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