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Panama City Panana Photos

Panama City, Panama

With a population of 700,000, Panama City is a melting pot of cultures from around the world, and Panama's largest city.
panama, panama city, leggings

Panamanians are known for their love of bright colors in art and fabric. These leggings on a Kuna Indian woman walking along a street in Panama City's Old Town are a perfect example.

panama, panama city, street art
Colorful street art on display in Panama City's Old Town.
panama, panama city, street art
More street art in Panama City.
panama, panama city, school children
Panamanian school children participating in an orderly march to class
panama, panama city, french achitecture
French Colonial architecture in the Old Town section of Panama City.
panama, panama city, church spire

A Spanish colonial-style church in Panama City's Old Town.

panama, panama city, clothesline
Clothes hung out to dry is a very common scene in Panama City's Old Town as the weather in warm and breezy throughout the year.
panama, panama city, street scene
A typical side street in Panama City's Santa Ana region.
panama, panama city, ficus tree
In an attractive city park in Panama City I found giant ficus trees gracing the landscape. With the temperature hovering above 90 degrees, these trees provide much-needed shade relief.

panama, panama city, courtyard
This inviting courtyard fronting a rather large home was located just a few blocks from Panama's Presidential Palace.

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