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Palmer Station Antarctica Photos

Palmer Station, Antarctica

The USA's research facility on Anvers Island, Antarctica is named Palmer Station. It was built in 1968, and honors Nathan B. Palmer, who in 1820 was one of the very first people to experience Antarctica.

The station itself accommodates some 40 people, and from there research is done on the local atmosphere and the delicate marine ecosystem.

The photos (right) are a small sampling of the scenery and wildlife in the general area. Note that (according to our guide) this was one of the best weather days he'd seen during his 40 years traveling through and working in Antarctica. So we enjoyed the sunshine and a temperature in the high 30s.

antarctica flag
antarctica seals

For most of the day a long parade of very relaxed seals floated by the ship on remnants of icebergs.

antarctica scenery

As I said on my Facebook page, words just can't describe the stark beauty of Antarctica, so I will offer just a brief description and let the pictures speak for themselves.

antarctica snow and ice

This toothy-edged peak got my attention. Note the mass of snow (or ice) at its base.

antarctica sunset

At 9:15PM the sun was setting and I was eating dinner. Looking out the window I soon realized that a photo was needed so I rushed back to my cabin on deck 10 and shot this from the balcony. It was quite a sight.

antarctica jagged terrain

This jagged mountain was many miles away, so a telephoto lens was required.

antarctica tranquility

I included this photo so you could see the (very rare) tranquil waters within the Neumayer Channel.

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