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ms prinsendam
Our journey around South America began January 13, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida aboard the MS Prinsendam.
dotTruly a classic ship, the MS Prinsendam is designed to explore the remote corners of the world in elegance and style.
dotAccommodating just 793 passengers, she gives guests the feel of a classic yacht with the spaciousness of a cruise ship

trip luggage
In Fort Lauderdale, from our balcony on Deck 10, we looked down at passenger luggage that was not yet loaded onto the ship as we had six bags missing, and they were no doubt crushed in the jumbled mess below. Happily, by 7PM, four of the bags were in the room. with two still missing. Regardless, we unpacked what we had and went for drinks and dinner. The other bags will just have to wait.

This is our assigned lifeboat aboard the MS Prinsendam. During our first lifeboat drill we were informed that it's unsinkable, even when completely filled with sea water. Well, if it ever completely fills with sea water, I no doubt won't care if it sinks, or not.

ship sign

All ships at sea are filled with somewhat mysterious signs and this one is no exception. I don't know about you but I will certainly wear the proper PPE before attempting to operate this davit.

the ship

This is a shot of the MS Prinsedam from our tender as we returned to the ship from Isla de Providenica.

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