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Coquimbo chile photos

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Coquimbo, Chil

Coquimbo sits on a narrow peninsula on the Chilean coast. This attractive waterfront city of cafes, churches and shops enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year.

To the north and south, the coastline is covered by high rises and resorts, and in the nearby mountain valleys some of the finest vineyards in all of Chile are to be found.
La Serena, located ten miles to the north along the bay, is Chile's second oldest city and one of its most beautiful.

chile, coquimbo, dance performers

This young man was part of the Chilean dance troupe that put on a wonderful performance for us in the port city of Coquimbo.

chile, coquimbo, desert scenery
From the city of Coquimbo we traveled south along the Pan American Highway to the Enchanted Valley, the home of some of Chile's best wineries. This photo reflects the typical desert scenery along the way.
chile, coquimbo, toll booths
The Pan American Highway is a toll road and this it one of its very empty toll booths. Except for buses and long haul trucks, there was very little traffic. In fact, we only saw one gas station along a sixty mile stretch.
chile, coquimbo, chilean landscape
As we turned inland, away from the coastal desert area, the landscape turned green; flowers where everywhere and so were horses.
chile, coquimbo, horses
This young horse was just waiting to be photographed, so I complied.
chile, coquimbo, wildflowers
The wide variety of flowers in this part of Chile was quite amazing.
chile, coquimbo, cultural dancers

This Chilean teenager had just finished her cultural dance performance.

chile, coquimbo, dancers
The spinning feet of the dancer (above) and her talented partner.
chile, coquimbo, religious centers
For a relatively small city, Coquimbo has over 30 churches. The local Muslim Cultural Center, financed by the King of Jordan, stood atop a small hill.
chile, coquimbo, cacti
Cacti of all description flourish in the desert areas of Chile.
chile, coquimbo, desert plant life
Here's another example of the prolific plant life in the desert.
chile, coquimbo, desert flowers
A beautiful desert flower that reminded me of the Arizona desert landscape.

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