Are UK's Universities Prepared To Brave Brexit?

Brexit is just around the corner. There are a lot of speculations about its possible impact on Britain's economy, society, and politics. Brexit is also predicted to affect the education sector of the country in a negative fashion.

Are UK's Universities Prepared To Brave Brexit?

Recent research reveals that about half of the country's universities are confident about facing the change while the remaining are only slightly prepared. Experts claim that the universities will also be affected differently by Brexit. 

Signs of change are already in swing. A fall in student applications from other EU countries is one of the symptoms already visible. Over 50% of UK universities are also experiencing an alteration in the levels of collaborations with overseas institutions. Existing or potential staff members are also getting lost in the process. 

It is thus clearly evident that the country's universities will have to brave a difficult period. Student diversity might suffer due to a drop in student enrollments. Existing students might also exit with the Brexit. The economy supported by these students will experience a setback. Researchers engaged in EU-funded projects are fearing the worst. The institutions are obviously taking steps to ascertain how the government will underwrite EU funding. Alternatives must be arranged.

International collaboration is vital in the creation and maintenance of world-class research and education. Experts feel that institutions of higher learning in the UK should look beyond Brexit and discover the best partners for their research and educational support. 

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