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Win $100 Cash! - Daily Geography Quiz, Free Contests Online, Win Money for Geography Trivia

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Rule #1
Send us your answer by the posted electronic form, or by email. Include your complete mailing address with U.S. zip code or country postal code.

Rule #2
To win, your answer must be spelled correctly.

Rule #3 (Revised)
Effective 07/25/2013, each quiz will run for just an 18 hour period, and we will only accept one answer per person during that time period. If solved (or not solved), the next quiz will be posted the following weekday. There will be no quiz on Saturday or Sunday.

Rule #4 (Revised)
We know most people have more than one email address, so we simply ask for your honest considerations when playing the quiz. If other members of your family play the quiz (and they can) we only ask for a forthright adult effort in their attempt to win. And, so everyone has a chance to win, only one win per person per calendar month will be allowed.

Rule #5 (Revised)
We have always tried to allow only one quiz answer per person, per calendar day, but in the end (with all of the worldwide quiz players) that rule is all but impossible to enforce and to understand. For example, if we posted a new Quiz on Thursday, December 1, it's already Friday, December 2, in parts of Asia, and so on, and for players (and us) to keep track of the appropriate calendar day, well, it just didn't work well.

In an attempt to solve this problem...each new quiz will still have two (2) clues, but as a new part of the quiz, we will now show the time the quiz was first posted. Then, if a correct answer is received we will post the winner as soon as possible. If no correct answer is received within approximately 18 hours of the initial posting, there will be no winner and that quiz will end.

As most of the current quiz players know, 95% of all new quizzes posted are solved within the first few hours. But some aren't, and because of the confusion about eligibility, time zones, weekend days, etc., this (we hope) will help make the quiz fairer for all of the players.

Rule #6
The first correct answer received is the winner. We use embedded email times when we receive multiple correct answers.

Rule #7 (Revised)
Contest winner will be notified via email, and the prize (in the form of a U.S. bank check) will be mailed to the winner's address. If a winner has a PayPal account, we can send the prize money immediately using that method. Western Union can also be used for payment but their processing fee will be deducted from the winning amount sent. Only the winner will be notified, and your email address and mailing address will not be used for any other purpose.
Please Note: On some days (due to our map business travel schedule) we are unable to monitor the Quiz answers as they arrive on our email server. While traveling, when the first opportunity for Internet access presents itself, we check those answers and then post the winner's name from the (first correct answer) received. We apologize, but that occasional posting delay is unavoidable. When composing Geography Quizzes, certain data is gathered from our own travel experiences, as well as travel guidebooks, public domain reference materials and related web sites. Every effort is made to be as accurate as possible when disseminating information within quiz clues, but we are not responsible for the very occasional and unintentional data entry errors or omissions, as most are the result of inaccurate data printed in the above mentioned reference materials.

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