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Egypt GDP

Egypt has the 30th largest economy in the world . The gross domestic product (GDP) of Egypt is $330.78 (USD Billion) and its growth was 4.20% from 2014 to 2015. Its highest GDP was recorded in 2015 and its average GDP in the last 10 years is $223.93 (USD Billion).

Egypt GDP per capita is $3,614.75 (USD). However, when factoring in purchase power parity (PPP), it becomes $10,891.26 (USD), making it the 97th richest country in the world. The average GDP adjusted to PPP per capita in the last 10 years was $9,715.80 (USD).

Egypt has greatly improved its economic performance in recent decades. It currently enjoys a market-oriented economy, which means it is based on the supply and demand of goods and services. However, more recently, a state of unrest in the country has seen economic performance of the country drop.

Although Egypt enjoys a warm climate and a large water supply, desertification is a threat to agriculture within the country. Cotton, what, onions, tobacco, and beans remain major exports.

In 2014, the Egyptian government launched a program of reforms, aimed at nurturing the tumultuous economic climate. This included the VAT law, the reduction of energy-related subsidies, and the liberation of the Egyptian pound. However, unemployment remains high in the country at 12.4 percent. Rates are highest amongst youth and women.

GDP Of Egypt Per Year

Egypt's GDP & Other Economic Statistics

Egypt GDP Current Previous Highest Unit
GNI per capita, PPP 10,690.00 10,320.00 10,690.00 International $
GNI, PPP 978.33 924.06 978.33 International $ Billion
GNI 324.70 294.20 324.70 USD Billion
Gross domestic savings 19.62 15.92 31.22 USD Billion
GDP per capita, PPP 10,891.26 10,571.33 10,891.26 International $
GDP per capita growth 2.00 -0.01 5.29 %
GDP per capita 3,614.75 3,365.71 3,614.75 USD
GDP growth 4.20 2.23 7.15 %
GDP 330.78 301.50 330.78 USD Billion
Services, etc., value added 175.74 155.87 175.74 USD Billion
Industry, value added 121.58 121.88 121.88 USD Billion
Manufacturing, value added 55.52 51.25 55.52 USD Billion
Agriculture, value added 37.43 34.64 37.43 USD Billion
Gross fixed capital formation 45.43 38.03 45.43 USD Billion
Tax revenue 12.52 14.01 15.83 % of GDP
Source: www.worldatlas.com | World Bank

What is Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a measure of market value of all final goods and service produced in a yearly period. This page provides the GDP of Egypt – current values and historical information. The information was last updated 2016.

GDP Of Egypt vs. Other Countries

Rank Country GDP (USD Billion), 2005
35 Egypt 107.48
The GDP of Egypt is tabulated by govermental institutions and was last updated on May 9th, 2017.