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Spain Timeline

Physical Map

Map of Spain
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Spain's Information

Area 505,990 km2 (#51)
Population 46,700,000 (#28)
Population Density 92 people/km2
GDP PPP $1,864.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $40,290
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Largest Cities

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More on Spain

  • (400,000 BC) Neanderthals can be found on the Iberian Peninsula
  • (12,000 BC) Stone Age hunters paint sophisticated cave art near Santander
  • (1100 BC) Southern Iberia is colonized by the Phonecians from Eastern Europe
  • (228 BC) Carthaginians occupy southern Iberia
  • (218-220 BC) The Iberian Peninsula is taken over by Ancient Rome in the Second Punic War

74 AD - 900 AD

  • (74) Roman citizenship given to inhabitants of Iberia
  • (237) Carthage invade the Iberian Peninsula
  • (711) Iberia is invaded by Muslim army
  • (756) Cordoba, capital of new independent Emirate, is formed in Iberia
  • (913) Christians set up capital in Leon after northern Spain territories are retaken

1000s - 1400s

  • (1013) Spain is separated into small kingdoms
  • (1085) Christian kingdom takes over Toledo
  • (1137) The Kingdom of Aragon is formed
  • (1160-63) Muslim sect takes control of Al-Andalus
  • (1212) Reconquista eliminates Moorish rule
  • (1248) Fernando III of Castille captures Seville
  • (1469) Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile marry, bringing about stability
  • (1478) The Catholic Spanish Inquisition begins
  • (1492) Granada captured, Moors defeated; Christopher Columbus begins voyage of discovery

1700s - 1800s

  • (1702-14) War of Spanish Succession; Bourbon dynasty accepts Spanish throne
  • (1808-14) Peninsular War is fought against Napoleon
  • (1898) Spanish-American five-month War; Spain loses colonies including Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico


  • (1931) Spain becomes a Republic
  • (1936-39) Francisco Franco forces are victorious in the Spanish Civil War; dictatorship established
  • (1959) ETA established - a soon to be powerful Basque Fatherland and Freedom group
  • (1968) West African colony of Spanish Guinea is granted independence as Equatorial Guinea
  • (1973) Basque nationalists assassinate Prime Minister Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco in Madrid
  • (1975) Franco dies and Juan Carlos de Borbon declared king. Spain became a constitutional monarchy
  • (1977) Democratic elections are held
  • (1978) Spain's new constitution establishes a parliamentary monarchy
  • (1980) ETA fighting kills 118 people
  • (1981) Military coup fails
  • (1982) Spain joins NATO
  • (1986) Spain joins EEC
  • (1992) Barcelona hosts Summer Olympic games; Seville hosts Expo 92
  • (1995) Spain joins the European Community
  • (1996) Jose Maria Aznar becomes Prime Minister
  • (1998) DoƱana National Park is severely contaminated by a toxic waste spill


  • (2000) ETA responsible for Madrid car bombings
  • (2002) All currency is replaced by the Euro; Oil tanker spill on north coast
  • (2003) 62 Spanish peacekeepers returning from Afghanistan are killed in plane crash in Turkey
  • (2004) Islamic terrorists attack Atocha train station in Madrid with bombs; 191 people killed, hundreds injured; Zapatero is elected Prime Minister, Spanish troops leave Iraq
  • (2005) Madrid car bombing killed 40
  • (2006) ETA declared ceasefire; Over 20,000 illegal immigrants from Africa arrived in the Canary Islands
  • (2007) Spanish Embassy in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, struck by grenade; seven people hurt at Running of the Bulls; forest fires on two Canary Islands forced 11,000 to evacuate
  • (2008) Plane crash in Madrid killed 153; Historical Memory Law passed, people (approx. 500,000) who had to flee Spain during Civil War have right to apply for Spanish citizenship
  • (2008) The Spanish Economic Crisis begins, caused by a housing bubble and rapid GDP growth
  • (2010) Spain wins the FIFA World Cup
  • (2015) Arthur Mas calls an early election regarding the independence of the region of Catalonia
  • (2017) Former president of Catalonia, Artur Mas, convicted of civil disobedience over an illegal referendum
  • (2016) ISIL terrorists attack Barcelona and Cambrils, killing 16
  • (2017) Madrid imposes rule over Catalonia over voters vote in favor of separation
  • (2018) Pedro Sanchez becomes prime minister of Spain
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