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Spain Geography

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Map of Spain
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Spain's Information

Area 505,990 km2 (#51)
Population 46,700,000 (#28)
Population Density 92 people/km2
GDP PPP $1,864.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $40,290
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Largest Cities

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More on Spain

Spain occupies the majority (85%) of the Iberian Peninsula. The majority of the country is characterized by hilly highlands divided by the Cordillera Central mountains, which are found to the north of the 40th parallel. Other mountains in the country include the Sistema Iberico in the north, the looming Pyrenees in the northeast near the borders with France and Andorra, the Sierra de Cuenca in the east, and the Montes de Toledo and the Serrania de Cuenca in the south. Even further south are the Cordillera Betica and the Sierra Nevada, the latter of which is home to the highest point in mainland Spain, Mulhacén, which raises 11,413 feet (3,478.6 meters) in the air.

The remainder of the country is largely covered by lowlands, which includes the fertile Andalusian Plain and the Ebro River Basin. Within the coastal areas of Spain, sandy beaches and rugged cliffs can be found. In addition, around 1,500 rivers are found in Spain, the longest of which are the Tagus and the Duoro. The Strait of Gibraltar separates Spain from Africa by only 8 miles (13 km).

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