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Spain Famous Natives

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Map of Spain
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Spain's Information

Area 505,990 km2 (#51)
Population 46,700,000 (#28)
Population Density 92 people/km2
GDP PPP $1,864.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $40,290
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Largest Cities

Table of Contents

More on Spain

A - B

  • Ferran Adria Acosta, Catalan, chef considered to be among the world’s best
  • Diego de Almagro, conquistador credited for being the first European in Chile
  • Pedro Almodovar, film director associated with La Movida Madrileña
  • Fernando Alonso, formula, Formula One automobile racer
  • Jose Andres, chef famous for bringing small plates to America
  • Victoria de los Angeles, soprano opera singer
  • Juan Bautista de Anza, explorer and Governor of New Mexico for the Spanish Crown
  • Arzachel, mathematician and astronomer born near Toledo
  • Seve Ballesteros, leading golfer from the 1970s-1990s
  • Antonio Banderas, actor famous for roles in American films
  • Javier Bardem, actor famous for roles in American films
  • Teresa Berganza, mezzo-soprano
  • David Bisbal, singer-songwriter and actor
  • Ricardo Bofill, architect known for his urban design practice
  • Miguel Bose, new wave pop singer


  • Montserrat Caballé, soprano opera singer
  • Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, explorer of the New World in the 1500s
  • Nicolas Cabrera, physicist known for his work on theories of metal oxidisation
  • Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, explorer of the West Coast of North America
  • El Cid Campeador, nobleman, military leader, diplomat in Medieval Spain
  • Santiago Canizares, football goalkeeper who represented Spain in the World Cup
  • Juan Carlos I, Spanish king from 1975 to 2014
  • Jose Carreras, tenor opera singer
  • Iker Casillas, football goalkeeper for Porto
  • Rosalia de Castro, poet of Galician romanticism
  • Camilo José Cela y Trulock, writer in the Generation of ‘36
  • Ildefons Cerda, architect and urban planner famous for his work in Barcelona
  • Miguel de Cervantes, considered to be the best Spanish writer of all time, famous for Don Quixote
  • Juan de la Cierva, aeronautical engineer who invented the Autogiro aircraft
  • Cristobal Colon, (Christopher Colombus) explorer
  • Josep Comas i Solà, astronomer who discovered minor planets
  • El Cordobés, matador known for his acrobatic style
  • Francisco Vázquez de Coronado y Luján, explorer who led an expedition through southwestern North America
  • Hernán Cortés, conquistador, explorer partly responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire
  • Penelope Cruz, actress famous for roles in American films
  • Xavier Cugat, bandleader credited with the spread of Latin music to North America

D - F

  • Salvador Dali, most famous surrealist painter of all time
  • Placido Domingo, opera singer and conductor
  • Luis Miguel Dominguin, famous 20th century bullfighter
  • Juan Sebastian Elcano, explorer who completed the first navigation of the Earth
  • Francisco de Enzinas, humanist, translator, Protestant reformist
  • Gaspar de Espinosa, explorer and politician
  • Manuel de Falla, composer famous in the 20th century
  • Jaime Ferran, doctor and researcher who wrote immunization against cholera

G - J

  • Sergio Garcia, golfer on PGA Tour and European Tour
  • Pau Gasol, NBA basketball player
  • Antoni Gaudi, architect most famous for the Sagrada Família
  • Luis de Gongora, poet famous for Gongorismo style
  • Felipe Gonzalez, politician, prime minister
  • Francisco de Goya, painter, engraver from the late 18th and early 19th centuries
  • El Greco, painter, sculptor in the Spanish Renaissance
  • Juan de Herrera, architect and mathematician influential during the Renaissance period
  • Vicente Blasco Ibanez, best-selling novelist
  • Alberto Iglesias, film composer
  • Enrique Iglesias, pop singer
  • Julio Iglesias, pop singer
  • Manuel Jalon Corominas, inventor responsible for the disposable syringe and the mop
  • Juan Francisco de Guemes y Horcasitas, army general, viceroy new spain
  • Miguel Ángel Jiménez, golfer and 21-time winner of the European Tour
  • Enrique Jorda, conductor, music director

L - M

  • Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, explorer, conquistador who established Spanish settlements in the East Indies
  • Ramon Llull, philosopher and writer influential in Catalan literature
  • Ignatius of Loyola, theologian who founded the Society of Jesus
  • Paco de Lucia, guitarist famous for new flamenco style
  • Fray Luis de Leon, poet from the Spanish Golden Age
  • Antonio Machado, poet, leader spanish literary movement
  • Salvador de Madariaga, humanist and Nobel prize nominee
  • Maimonides, Jewish philosopher active during the Middle Ages
  • Gregorio Maranon, humanist, medical scientist
  • Julian Marias, philosopher association with the Generation of ‘36
  • Joanot Martorell, Valencian author
  • Joan Miro, painter, sculptor

N - R

  • Rafael Nadal, tennis player
  • Vasco Nunez de Balboa, explorer and first European to reach the Pacific from the New World
  • Jose Maria Olazabal, golfer and championship winner
  • Jose Ortega y Gasset, 20th century philosopher
  • Elsa Pataky, actress and model
  • Pablo Picasso, founder of cubist movement and one of the most famous artists of all time
  • Francisco Pizarro, conquistador who claimed Inca Empire for Spain
  • Juan Ponce de León, explorer
  • Gaspar de Portolá y Rovira, explorer and first European to see San Francisco Bay
  • Juan Ramon Jimenez, poet and Nobel Prize in Literature recipient
  • Santiago Ramón y Cajal, histologist, physician, nobel laureate "founder modern neuroscience"
  • Rodrigo Rat,o politician
  • Arturo Perez Reverte, novelist
  • Constante Ribalaigua legendary bartender, creator of daquiri
  • Fernando de Rojas, novelist who wrote La Celestina
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon, novelist


  • Gaspar Sanz, composer from the 1600s
  • Jordi Savall, film music composer and viol player
  • Andrés Segovia, classical guitarist
  • Francisco Suarez, philosopher in the School of Salamanca movement
  • Javier Solana, former secretary general of NATO
  • Hernando de Soto, explorer, conquistador
  • Francisco Tarrega, composer and classical guitarist
  • Teresa of Avila, mystic, author, reformer and Roman Catholic saint
  • Miguel de Unamuno, author and essayist
  • Pedro de Valdivia, conquistador and first Cardinal of Chile
  • Antonio Buero Vallejo, playwright of the Generation of ‘36 movement
  • Lope de Vega, dramatist, playwright from the Spanish Golden Century
  • Diego Velazquez, painter of the Spanish Golden Age
  • Paz Vega, actor
  • Tomas Luis de Victoria, composer from the 16th century
  • David Villa, footballer
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, former prime minister
This page was last updated on March 20, 2019.

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