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Portugal Flags

Flag of Portugal

Flag of Portugal
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Portugal's Information

Area 92,090 km2 (#109)
Population 10,221,415 (#82)
Population Density 95 people/km2
GDP PPP $328.25 Billion
GDP Per Capita $31,965
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Type Semi-presidential Republic
Largest Cities

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More on Portugal

Portugal’s flag has been in use since June 30, 1911. The flag’s meaning can be interpreted through the symbolism of its colors and design, including:

  • Green, which represents Henry the Navigator, a famous Portuguese explorer who was instrumental in building the Portuguese empire and who is credited with his work within the Age of Discovery. It also represents hope for the future.
  • The off-center shield, which represents the reign of King Afonso Henriques, Portugal’s first king.
  • Red, which represents the blood shed in the revolutions of the early 1800s.

The flag was designed by a joint effort between Columbano, a painter, as well as Afonso Palla and Ladislau Pereira, who were veterans of the revolution. The design was also worked on by a journalist by the name of João Chagas and a writer named Abel Botelho. Together these figures were part of a committee that had been appointment by the country’s National Constituent Assembly with the aim of designing an entirely new flag.

Prior to 1910, Portugal used the flag of Queen Maria II, seen above.

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