Worst Access To High Speed Internet In The World

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Access to high speed internet is an important way to spread modern education today.

Life without the internet is unimaginable in this age. Access to the internet makes every task easy and uncomplicated. In today’s world, it is helpful in almost all occupations and every field like education, business, science, etc. The internet also helps in the development of the economy of every country as it has changed the way we communicate and erase the borders and distances between countries. Customer support and business services have totally reached a different level with the change in the communication systems.

Impact of Internet Access


Countries with good internet access have more room for innovation, human capital, employment opportunities and enable to capture and utilize a maximum from this information technology. A study also states that there is a direct relation between internet usage and rise in living standards in an economy. It is stated that if the internet-related income and expenditure are considered as a separate sector, it would be bigger than energy sector or agriculture sector of most of the countries.


The education department is one place where internet access is of great advantage as this helps in shaping the human force of tomorrow. However, students from developed countries have good access whereas those from the less developed countries still struggle. Students with low internet access seriously have disadvantages. This disparity is considered as a ‘digital divide.’


It is the time we turn digital divide among countries into digital opportunities. Developing countries face challenges because of their geopolitical, cultural, and economic conditions. The political arena has widened, and policies and laws of a nation show impact on the other. With growing globalization, it is necessary for the nations to come together and communicate through trade and business. Government agencies throughout the world have adopted e-governance policies. Better communication brings the leaders and policies closer to the people.

Asia is considered a home for fastest Internet connections with Singapore and South Korea leading the list. A study states that Haiti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan are among the countries with the least Internet access.

Acces Of Countries To High Speed Internet


Haiti’s telecommunication infrastructure is considered the least developed in Latin America and the Caribbean. Low literacy rate, difficult terrain, and few working telephone lines are responsible for Haiti’s low access.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

Barely adequate fixed-line connections, improper domestic satellite services, and wiring lead to poor telecommunication in this country. With 30 years of dictatorship rule and several civil wars have led to a very slow growth rate here. Lack of developed national and international infrastructure has contributed to low Internet and broadband market.

South Sudan

Despite development plans, telecommunication sector in this country lags behind due to lack of infrastructure. Widespread illiteracy and poverty limit the growth of information technology here.

All of these three countries have 0.00 fixed broadband subscriptions per 100 people. As a result, government and policy makers must consider the opportunities that internet is creating and frame policies and regulations keeping in view the economic growth and opportunities that internet can create.

Worst Access To High Speed Internet In The World

RankCountryFixed Broadband Subscriptions Per 100 People
2Democratic Republic of the Congo0.00
3South Sudan0.00
8Republic of the Congo0.01

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