The Highest Bridges in the World

The 1,854 feet high Duge Bridge near Liupanshui in China is the highest bridge in the world.

Bridges are important structures which facilitate passage over obstacles such as water bodies, valleys, and roads. The heights of bridges vary with their location and design. The structural height of a bridge is measured by the distance from topmost point of the bridge to the lowest possible part of the bridge while the deck height of a bridge is the distance between the bridge deck and the surface beneath the bridge. Most of the highest bridges in the world are constructed across valley gorges.

5. Qingshui River Bridge

Qingshui River Bridge is one of the highest bridges in the world. The Bridge is the highest suspension span in Guizhou province, China and is part of the Guiweng expressway connecting Guiyang with Weng’an. It shortens the distance between the two cities from 100 miles to 23 miles. The bridge measures 3,710 feet in length while the two towers are 750 and 735 feet tall. Qingshui River Bridge measures 1,332 feet above the Qingshuihe River. It is the fastest constructed bridge over 3280 feet having been constructed within three years. The bridge was officially opened to traffic on December 31, 2015.

4. Yachi River Bridge

Yachi River Bridge is the second highest cable-stayed bridge in the world and also one of the longest with the main span of 2,600 feet. The bridge, located in Guizhou, China, has an official height of 1,424 feet. The two towers each on either side measure 847 feet and 798 feet with the western tower making the bridge one of the tallest in the world. However, it is 1,004 feet above the surface of water formed by the Yachi Dam. Yachi River Bridge is part of the several bridges over the Wu River. It is the largest bridge on the Guiyang to Qianxi expressway. Yachi River Bridge was opened to traffic in 2016.

3. Puli Bridge

Puli Bridge is a suspension bridge constructed in Qujing, China. The bridge, constructed in 2015, sits at 1,591 feet above the valley. It forms part of the G56 Hangzhou-Ruili expressway between the cities of Xuanwei and Liupanshui and crosses over a stream beside the Gexiang River. Puli Bridge has significantly reduced the distance between Guizhou and Xuanwei by almost three hours. The bridge has a span of 2,060 feet and measures 3,410 feet in length. The road decks are 80 feet wide while the suspension cables are 85 feet apart. The inaccessible terrain along the Pulis Creek provided a great challenge to engineers making it difficult to create the exact topographic model.

2. Sidu River Bridge

Sidu River Bridge is a 4,009-foot long suspension bridge crossing over the valley of the Sidu River. The bridge measures 1,627 feet from the bottom of the gorge to the deck surface. It includes an H-shaped tower, main span, and unsuspended side spans. It is the tallest bridge in the world. Sidu River Bridge is part of the G50 Huyu Expressway and runs parallel to the China National Highway 318. The bridge was constructed at the cost of about US$100 million and was opened to traffic in 2009. The huge amount of steel and concrete used in building the bridge makes it strong enough to withstand the weight of any vehicle.

1. Duge Bridge

Duge Bridge is the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world. It located near Liupanshui and had a road deck sitting 1,854 feet above the Beipan River. Duge Bridge crosses the river near the border of Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. The bridge forms part of the G56 expressway. The eastern tower of the bridge measures 883 feet high making the bridge one of the world’s tallest. Duge Bridge spans 0.83 miles and shortens the journey between the city of Xuanwei and Shuicheng County by more than three hours. The construction work on the Duge Bridge began in 2011 and was completed in September 2016. The bridge was officially opened on December 29, 2016.

Which Are The Highest Bridges In The World?

RankName Of The BridgeHeight in Meters (Feet)Year opened
1Duge Bridge565 (1,854)2016
2Sidu River Bridge496 (1,627)2009
3Puli Bridge485 (1,591)2015
4Yachi River Bridge434 (1,424)2016
5Qingshui River Bridge406 (1,332)2015
6Hegigio Gorge Pipeline Bridge393 (1,289)2005
7Baluarte Bridge390 (1,280)2013
8Baling River Bridge370 (1,210)2009
9Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge366 (1,201)2003
10Dimuhe River Bridge360 (1,180)2016
11Liuchong River Bridge340 (1,120)2013
12Aizhai Bridge336 (1,102)2012
13Lishui River Bridge330 (1,080)2013
14Beipan River Hukun Expressway Bridge318 (1,043)2009
15Najiehe Railway Bridge310 (1,020)2016
16Liuguanghe Bridge297 (974)2001
17Qinglong Railway Bridge295 (968)2016
18Zhijing River Bridge294 (965)2009
19Longjiang Bridge292 (958)2016
20Royal Gorge Bridge291 (955)1929

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