What is the Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory?

By Sharon Omondi on July 12 2018 in Did You Know

"Children of the World Dream of Peace" mural by Leo Tanguma at the Denver International Airport. Editorial credit: Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock.com
"Children of the World Dream of Peace" mural by Leo Tanguma at the Denver International Airport. Editorial credit: Goran Bogicevic / Shutterstock.com

Denver International Airport (DIA) is an airport located in Denver, Colorado in the United States. It is the largest airport in the US by land area. DIA is the 5th busiest airport in the US and the 20th busiest airport worldwide. The airport operates in 185 destinations in Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America. In 2017, the airport served 61,379,396 travelers and contributed $26.3 billion to the US economy. Nevertheless, for over 20 years, there have been countless conspiracies regarding strange decor, weird statues, and strange markings found at the airport. Some people are convinced that the airport acts as the headquarters for the Illuminati which is a Masonic sect.

The Construction of the Denver International Airport

Construction of the DIA commenced in September 1989 and was completed in 1994. The construction fell 16 months behind schedule. Furthermore, the project was $2 billion over budget. For most people, it is unclear how the money was spent. It is rumored that the money was used to build underground tunnels and bunkers which are currently inaccessible to the public. Furthermore, the airport is said to have been built by the New World Airport Commission, a non-existent organization.

Upon its completion, there was a two-hour long dedication ceremony. The date of the dedication, March 19, 1994, has also been an object of the conspiracy. The sum of the digits is 33 (1+9+1+9+9+4) which is the highest level one can attain in Freemasonry. Hence, it is a symbol of perfection. Besides, the dedication capstone contains Masonic symbols such as the Masonic square and the Compass. There are also strange inscriptions such as “people of Colorado in 2094.”

Creepy Art Associated with Denver International Airport

The Blue Mustang

Commonly known as the Blucifer by fans, the Blue Mustang is the weirdest sculpture in DIA. It is 32 feet long and 9,000 pounds. The blue horse has fiery red-orange eyes that has caused panic attacks to travelers. The maker of the sculpture was known as Luis Jiménez. One day while he was working on the horse, a piece fell from it and severed the artery in his leg ultimately causing his death. The Blucifer is said to be a significant sign of the Apocalypse as it is believed it will be among the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.


The airport contains murals which point to future military oppression and a one-world government. Such murals include a Nazi soldier wearing a gas mask. Other controversial murals have been removed. For instance, there was a mural with children gathered around a knife. Another mural indicated children in front of a burning building.

Unusual Markings

Unusual markings have been cited in the DIA terminals. They are said to be secret codes of the New World Order such as the Cochetopa, Sisnaajini, and Braaksma. Furthermore, when the DIA runways are observed from above the airport, they form a swastika.

The Anubis

Besides the Blucifer, the DIA airport also has another weird sculpture known as the Statue of Anubis. Anubis was the ancient Egyptian god of death. It is not clear why one would erect such a statue in an airport. However, since it is associated with death which is feared by most people, the thought of having it there is scary.

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