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What Happened On September The 11th In...?

Corresponding to the emergency telephone number (911) in North America, the date became all the more infamous after the World Trade Center's Twin Towers were attacked in 2001.

September 11 is the 254th day of most years and the 255th day in a leap year. September 11 has been marked as a significant day throughout history because of the events taking place therein. These events are worth remembering because they have played a major role in government as well as religious decisions and practices. Some of the events occurring on this day have, however, made it infamous due to murder and destruction, for example those listed below occurring in 1943, 2001, and 2012. Additionally, some important discoveries and successes have been recorded on this date as well.

Public Adoration of the Sacrament

On September 11, 1226, the Roman Catholic practice of adoring the Blessed Sacrament outside of Mass was spread outside of the monasteries and into the parishes after the celebration and thanksgiving for the victory over the Cathars, whose practices were condemned by the mainstream church. King Louise VII asked the bishop of Avignon to allow public adoration of the sacrament after which the adoration was open day and night.

Discovery of Manhattan Island

Henry Hudson, a British explorer, discovered Manhattan Island and its native inhabitants on September 11, 1609 as he was searching for a Northwest Passage linking Europe to China. He mapped the area thus is given credit for the discovery though Giovanni da Verrazano had been to the island before.

Theft of the French Crown Jewels

On September 11, 1792, the French crown jewels, which were used by the royal families, were stolen from their deposit in the Garde-Meuble during the French Revolution. Some of these jewels were recovered by Napoleon I. These jewels are currently on display in the treasury vault of the Mineralogy gallery in the French’s national museum.

Canadian Declaration of War against Nazi Germany

Canada made an independent declaration to join World War II in support of Britain and France against Nazi Germany on September 11, 1939. The declaration was made through a parliamentary debate after which the people and the government united to support Britain and France. Canada made her contribution to the war on land, at sea and in air.

Nazi Massacre of Belarusian Jews

Minsk and Lida were Jewish ghettos which housed large numbers of residents, mainly including refugees from Poland. These Jews were separated from the general population and had to wear yellow badges. On September 11, 1943, the Nazis massacred a large number of the Jews making, it the largest number of Jews killed in World War II. The Nazis disregarded the Jews, seeing them as a minority race unworthy of living. After World War II, Jews flocked en masse to their own new country of Israel in the Middle East.

Truman's Approval of U.S. Military Operations in Korea

On the same date in 1950, U.S. President Henry Truman approved military operations of the US Army to move north of the 38th parallel during the Korean War in the Battle of Inchon. The US army joined the United Nations' and South Korean forces, leading to the victorious recapture of Seoul in a four-day-long battle. The US Air Force played a significant role in the aerial bombings of military installations of the enemy thus weakening them.

Mars Global Surveyor Arrives at Mars

A NASA robotic spacecraft, which was deployed to Mars to examine and map the planet, arrived on September 11, 1997, enabling the analysis of the physical, geological, magnetic, and weather features of the red planet, as well as identification of potential future landing sites on the planet.

2001 World Trade Center Attacks, 2012 Benghazi Attacks, and a New Role for Scotland in the British Parliament

Other historically significant events on this date include the Scotland referendum for the establishment of a devolved parliament within the United Kingdom in 1997, the bombing of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in the US by al-Qaeda militants in 2001 leading to more than 3,000 deaths, and the bombing of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya in 2012 leading to fourteen deaths.

What Happened On September The 11th In...?

Events Occurring on September 11th through HistoryYear
The Roman Catholic practice of Eucharistic adoration among lay members outside of Mass begins in Avignon, France.1226
Henry Hudson discovers what is now known as Manhattan Island.1609
The French crown jewels are stolen.1792
Canada declares war on Germany in World War 2.1939
Nazis massacre large numbers of the ghetto residents of Lida and Minsk in present-day Belarus.1943
Aerial support bombers assist United Nations' forces in the Battle of Inchon of the Korean War, and President Truman approves attacking the enemy north of the 38th Parallel.1950
Scottish voters approve the creation of a devolved Scottish Parliament within the British Parliament by way of a referendum.1997
The Mars Global Surveyor, a NASA robotic spacecraft, reaches Mars.1997
Al-Qaeda terrorists hijack and crash multiple aircraft into the World Trade Center, Pentagon,
and Pennsylvania in the most infamous terror attack in American history.
U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya attacked by members of Ansar al-Sharia in Libya Salafi Islamist militants.2012

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