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What Happened On November 30th In...?

The first recorded solar eclipse, the first international soccer game, Iranian aggression in the Persian Gulf, and more.

Different dates hold significance for people all over the world due to their historic significance. One such date is November 30th. Many significant events have taken place on November 30th throughout the years. The events run as far back as 3340 BC. Although some of the events are fondly remembered, other events bring back sad memories. Notable events that occurred on November 30th in the past two centuries include 1872 the first international soccer game that took place between Scotland and England. On the same date in 1939 Soviet troops attacked Finland, in 1948 Civil war broke out between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, and in 1999 two oil companies merged to form Exxon Mobil -the world’s largest oil company.

1872 International Soccer Match Pits Scotland Versus England

November 30th was the date of a soccer match which would go down as the first official international soccer game ever to be played. The match was between the Scotland team and England team and took place on November 30th, 1872 at West of Scotland Cricket Club’s grounds in Scotland. The match was a result of public challenges issued by the Football Association secretary in Glasgow and Edinburgh newspapers. There were a few matches played between English and Scottish players in London prior to the game on November 30th, 1872. However, the Scottish players in those games were sourced from London, a matter that did not satisfy the people of Scotland. The Secretary of the Football Association arranged for a match between England players and Scottish players which were selected from Queens Park, a leading Scottish football club. The match was played before 4,000 spectators and ended in a 0-0 draw.

Soviet Troops Attack Finland in 1939

On November 30th, 1939, more than 465,000 Soviet troops attacked Finland and bombed its capital city of Helsinki. It marked the beginning of the war between Russians and Finnish people which were commonly referred to as the Winter War. Russians sought to expand their territory into Finland. The Russians offered soviet land in exchange for Finnish territory, but the people of Finland declined the offer. It led to the attack in Finland by the Soviet troops. The outnumbered Finns put up a strong defense and managed to keep off the Russian forces. Over time, the Russians overpowered the Finns which led to the peace agreement between the Finns and Russians based on Russian terms. The peace agreement referred to as the Treaty of Moscow was signed on March 12, 1940.

Break Out of Civil War Between Arabs and Jews in 1947

On November 30th, 1947, the United Nations voted on a partition plan for what was formerly British-held Palestine. Palestine came under British rule due to the outcomes of World War 2 and the earlier defeat of the Ottoman Empire in World War 1. There were conflicts between Arabs and Jews as well as between the British forces and each of the two groups. The partition plan recommended the withdrawal of British troops and the creation of an Arab state, a Jewish state, and a special international regime in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. In May 1948, Israel declared independence from the Arab countries. This decision led to the break out of the Arab-Israeli war in which Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq troops invaded Palestine and attacked the Israeli state. The war lasted for ten months, and at the end of it, Israel retained its territory and also captured close to 60% of the Arab state. The war led to the expulsion of Arabs from Israel territory as well as the Jews moving from their residence in Middle Eastern countries (which supported Arab Palestinians) back to Israel. Several other Arab-Israeli wars followed later.

Merger to Form the Oil Industry Giant Exxon Mobil in 1998

In 1998, Exxon was the largest energy company, not only in the United States, but also in the world as a whole. It sought to further expand by buying the second largest energy company in the United States, the Mobil company. The reason for the buyout was reduced global oil prices and increased competition in the oil industry. The two companies aimed to benefit from economies of scale borne out of the merger. The deal was approved by the United States Federal Trade Commission on November 30th, 1999. After the merger, the world’s largest oil company, Exxon Mobil, was formed.

Notable Events Occurring on November 30th Through HistoryYear
A stone in Ireland is thought to bear testimony to the first solar eclipse recorded by humans.3340 BC
British military personnel and their Creek allies end their failed siege of Pensacola in then-Spanish-controlled Florida.1707
Initial articles of peace signed by British and American diplomats at the end of the American Revolution, a major step towards the Treaty of Paris to come.1782
Spain transfers Louisiana Territory to France, who will in turn sell it to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase only 3 weeks later.1803
Union forces defeat Confederates during the American Civil War at the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee.1864
Teams from Scotland and England face one another in the first international soccer game. The final score was a 0-0 tie.1872
Soviet troops advance past the border of Finland and bomb several major Finnish cities in the Winter War.1939
Civil war breaks out in Palestine between Jewish and Arab forces, ultimately leading to the 1948 Palestine War.1947
Iran takes over the Tunbs islands in the Persian Gulf from the United Arab Emirates.1971
A major merger is completed in the U.S. petrochemical industry to create ExxonMobil, the world's biggest oil company.1998

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